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Live and Let Diary is the 41st episode of Cloudy:The Series Season 2. It is the 93rd episode overall.


Flint, desperate to find out what Sam's giving him for his birthday, invents a device to read her diary out loud.


Sam and Flint are cloudgazing when Sam gets an idea for what to get Flint for his birthday, writing it in her diary. Flint is too impatient to wait until his birthday to find out what she plans to get him, so he tries to trick Sam into telling him her plans. When Sam stays mum on it, Flint invents the Guilt-Free Vocalizer to read a page of Sam's diary to him. Just before he hears what her planned gift is, Earl catches Flint acting suspicious and Flint shoves the machine out of sight. The invention rolls down the hall, broadcasting Sam's secrets to the school. Sam recognizes one of her entries but is too late to stop the machine from announcing to the whole school that she "loves Mr. Blue."

Utterly humiliated by Flint's betrayal of her trust, Sam screams that she is never speaking to Flint again. Flint brings Sam flowers and tries to apologize, but is interrupted by Gil, who brought a bigger bouquet of flowers and dyed his hair blue. He insists that he is "Mr. Blue," but Sam tells Gil he is not Mr. Blue and that Flint is not forgiven. Flint tries to apologize again but is interrupted by Brent. Sam tells Brent that he is not Mr. Blue and that Flint is still not forgiven. At the mayor's Principal Appreciation event, Flint, Gil, and Brent try to sing songs to appeal to Sam, who tells everyone that Mr. Blue is her childhood blankie. To make up for telling the whole school Sam's secret, Flint tells the whole school that he secretly farts when he sneezes.

At Flint's birthday, Sam gives Flint a blanket designed to look like his lab. The two drape themselves in the blanket and pretend they're in Flint's lab, until Flint sneezes and farts and Sam excuses herself from under the blanket.


  • The episode title is a reference to the saying "Live and let die," while the episode titlecard is a reference to a scene in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.