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The Live Corp Vesting Ceremony is an annual event where Live Corp CEO Chester V hand-picks an inventor to be given the prestigious role of Thinkquanaut.


Throughout the year, employees at Live Corp submit invention ideas via e-mail. Most inventors submit at most one invention a month.[1] At the annual Vesting Ceremony, employees gather in Live Corp's auditorium, where Chester V announces which of the thousands of invention submissions is deemed worthy enough to grant its inventor the prestigious role of Thinkquanaut, complete with the iconic orange vest. The event is broadcast on national televison.

2010 Vesting Ceremony[]

The winner of the 2010 Vesting Ceremony was a zero-emissions car that runs on "cute", invented by Flinty McCallahan. Immediately following the announcement, Flint Lockwood accidentally set off his Celebrationator invention, which exploded in a burst of colorful paint and confetti, Flint got fired. Word of the debacle quickly spread, with a rebroadcast of the explosion on Weather News Network later that evening.


Despite the embarrassing debacle, Chester V realized that the sheer embarrassment of the situation could be used to manipulate Flint to investigate the disappearance of multiple Thinkquanauts and the creation of vicious Cheespiders.