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The Food Bar is Chester V's first invention and the "lifeblood" of his company Live Corp. Chester has been constantly refining this item over the years, hoping to reinvent taste with the pressed sugar and oat bars.

Food Bar XL

Chester V showcasing Food Bar XL on "The Scientifically Wonderful World of Science"

About a decade before the events of the film, Chester V improved his original food bar idea by adding "flavor crystals," marketed as Food Bar XL. When Chester discovered the food produced by Flint Lockwood's FLDSMDFR was more delicious then regular food, he planned to co-opt the FLDSMDFR to produce food that would "reinvent taste" - the highly-anticipated Food Bar 8.0. Chester planned to pave the island of Swallow Falls, capturing the sentient foodimals to grind them into food bars.

Food Bar 8

Chester revealing Food Bar 8.0 at the annual Vesting Ceremony