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The Live Corp Factory was a facility created on the island of Swallow Falls. Its intended use was the creation of Foodimals to be used in the creation of Food Bar 8.0.

Now that I control your FLDSMDFR, I can pave your island and work in complete secrecy. Live Corp will remain the coolest, hippest company in the world with the new Food Bar Version 8.0!
— Chester V

Like a black light version of its San Franjose counterpart, the Live Corp Factory's minimal pallete, repetitive shape language, and synthetic design set it apart from its natural surroundings. It is colder and more industrial than the headquarters in San Franjose, with a harsh, sharp, heartless feel that point to the nefarious process within.

The primary purpose of the factory is to produce, contain, and process Foodimals to make food bars. There are various storage rooms in the dome part of the lightbulb, and the spacious atrium is used to grind food in the super-sized food bar machine. The entire facility is highly secured, with an energized electric fence surrounding it on the ground and multiple Helpicopters circling its dome. All-terrain vehicles transport captured Foodimals into the factory, where they are contained within clear spherical containment pods lining the walls of the atrium.


When Chester V launched Operation Slice 'n' Dice, Thinkquanauts captured the Foodimals from around Swallow Falls and imprisoned them in the newly constructed factory. Chester's plan was to make the factory the center of a secret food bar creation facility. Using Flint's FLDSMDFR, Chester would mass-produce Foodimals to be ground to pieces with his super-sized Food Bar Machine and made into food bars.

Unfortunately, the plan did not pan out. When Chester threatened to turn Flint's friends into food bars, Flint used his Celebrationator (with Steve's help) to free his friends. Barry the Strawberry helped free the Foodimals, which fought against their Thinkquanaut captors. Barb also refused to help Chester, instead taking the FLDSMDFR back and returning it to Flint. Chester was subsequently eaten by a Cheespider in his attempt to escape, and all food bar operations on the island ceased as the FLDSMDFR was returned to its rightful place on Big Rock Candy Mountain.