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Live Corp is an advanced science company, located on an isle west of the San Franjose (southeast of San Francisco) coast & owned by Chester V.

Known Employees and Staff

Those that work for Live Corp

  • Thinkanaughts, the elites of the Company itself, most loyal to the CEO.
  • Sentiel Louice, a sentinel operator
  • Sentiel Peter
  • Labcoat Jenny
  • Fintly McCallahan, a newly picked Thinkanaught from the ceremony in the company Autorium.


Areas and apparatus within the Headquarters and Live Corp related structures.

Live Corp Hq

The main headquarters off the ciast of san franjose

Live Corp Jungle Outpost

An outpost used to settle employees tasked on operations in swallow falls, before it's abandonment

Live Corp Food Factory

A factory used to harvest food animals & food flora for food bars, on top of the rock candy mountain swallow Falls


Vehicles and drivable things that Live Corp uses

  • Live Core Helicopter

Items & Products

Things that Live Corp uses and things they Sell


  • Thinkanaught Vest
  • Live Corp Drink Cup
  • Live Corp Touch Pads
  • Snack boxes
  • Caffine Patches
  • Live Corp Employee Badge
  • Live Corp Cam Bot
  • Live Corp Backpack
  • Live Corp Holograms
  • Live Corp Do-Not-Cross Tapes
  • Live Corp Extendo Claws
  • Live Corp Bright Beams



  • Their structures are Very Monolithic.
  • Their main colors are White, green & Orange.
  • Turn their logo the other way and you will notice their evil side.
  • Hexagons are one of the primary shapes in their technology.
  • The light bulb is another primary shape in their technology, found in their umbrella hats, logo, headquarters, and even Chester V's head, neck, and collar combined.
  • When the gang found out that live corp was really "Evil Corp" the Sentinels of Safety started freezing them.


Their logo reversed