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Live Corporation, also known as Live Corp or Evil Proc (when their logo is reversed), is an advanced science company, located on an isle off the coast of the San Franjose. It is headed by CEO and famed inventor Chester V whose aim was to create a space where "the idea is always on." Live Corp is supported financially by the sale of Food Bars, Chester's first invention and the "lifeblood of the company." Live Corp planned to "reinvent taste" with the release of Food Bar 8.0.

Live Corp is populated with uniquely creative individuals that Chester has collected to support the company's agendas.

What happened to the company after the death of Chester V is unknown, but it's possible that the company went defunct and shut down or Barb took control of the company afterwards.


San Franjose[]

LiveCorp Ext Day

The iconic Live Corp lightbulb building

Live Corp Headquarters

LiveCorp Entrance

The entrance to Live Corp

The Live Corp headquarters rests on a man-made island in the bay that borders San Franjose. It is an enormous, gleaming glass lightbulb that acts as a major landmark for the city. The design of Live Corp sets it apart from the world around it, with a design Production Designer Justin K. Thompson refers to as "synthetic organics and organic synthetics." In other words, synthetic items like plastic chairs are molded into organic, whimsical shapes, while trees and foliage are trimmed into hexagons and other rigid, inorganic shapes. It is constructed with futuristic surfaces like Glassphalt, a clear surface for parking lots, and refrains from using typical construction materials in its goal to appear as a mecca of invention.

LiveCorp Lobby

The lobby

Everything in Live Corp is a futuristic white, highlighted by green and orange accent colors to establish a bare minimum level of shape and form. Chester has provided every creature comfort to his employees, from caffeine stations to indoor volleyball courts. Employees zip around the lobby in futuristic hoverscooters, and are shuttled to headquarters via a company bus. Orange tubular elevator shafts in the lobby whisk employees to their honeycomb-like cubicles, whose cold metal walls stand as a sharp contrast to the airy, open layout of the lobby.

LiveCorp Auditorium 01

The auditorium

Chester presents the highly anticipated Thinquanaut Vesting Ceremony in a spacious auditorium, a large, darkened arena with a lightbulb-shaped stage in the center that perfectly suits Chester's flair for the dramatic and inspirational.

High above the employees below, Chester himself has a cozy inner sanctum at the top of the lightbulb's dome - a hexagonal, virtual cottage in the woods, where he and his holograms partake in various hobbies while they brainstorm new ideas (and nefarious plots).

Swallow Falls[]

Live Corp planned to expand its operations into Swallow Falls with Chester V's "Operation Capture the Invention" and "Operation Slice 'n' Dice."

Operation Capture the Invention involved sending Thinkquanauts to Swallow Falls to locate the FLDSMDFR. Thinkquanauts would set up bunkers throughout the Foodimal Jungle to capture and study Foodimals while searching for the machine. Once the FLDSMDFR was located, Chester ordered the creation of a factory to process Foodimals and turn them into Food Bars.


  • Reverse their logo and you will notice their evil side. Live Corp becomes Evil proC.
  • Production Designer Justin K. Thompson wanted Live Corp's headquarters to be entirely white but figured it would be too abstract for children watching the film.
  • The hexagonal shape language emphasizes the "worker bee" environment that lies beneath the modern, innovative facade.
  • Live Corp is purposely kept monochromatic to contrast with Flint's explosion of color.
  • At Live Corp headquarters, there are 62,359,842,131,546 terminals.