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Less Ordinary People is the 34th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 86th episode overall.


After destroying the town yet again, Flint does his best to be an ordinary kid.


It's a beautiful, sunny day in Swallow Falls, marred only by Hector Shelbourne's Fun Time Destroyer, which generates gloomy weather. Flint counters with his Counter Fun Time Destroyer, which eliminates the clouds. Unfortunately, his invention tips over and totals Tim's car - with Tim inside. Tim forbids Flint from using enriched uranium. A different feud between the inventors leads Flint to crash a mech through the bait and tackle shop window.

Flint complains that his dad is being too strict, so passive-aggressively decides to do nothing at all. When Flint's mech-suit drips oil on the carpet, Tim tells Flint "a sardine in the hand is better than a shark in the boat." Flint understands the metaphor and concludes that his dad wants him to be normal and ordinary like a sardine. Sam suggests that Tim instead meant for Flint to be more cautious, but Flint insists his interpretation is correct.

Hector invites Flint out to "be destroyed," but Flint insists that despite his crazy hair and "skinny legs" that he can be ordinary if he wants to. Flint insists on going fishing with his dad, despite Tim's concerns about their previous fishing trips together.

Without Flint as his nemesis, Hector designates his grandson Gil as his sworn nemesis and tells Gil to invent weapons with which to destroy each other. Gil instead builds a Ferris wheel. Hector disintegrates the Ferris wheel, lamenting how it's not the same without Flint. Meanwhile, Flint has trouble staying awake during his dad's explanation of fishing lures. He imagines a miniature mech battle between himself and Hector in Tim's tackle box, and laments how it's not the same without Hector.

Tim recognizes that his son isn't engaged, and tells Flint that he never wanted him to be ordinary, just that he wanted him to be safe. Hector appears with a new mech suit, and Tim encourages Flint to go play with his "sworn nemesis." Flint repurposes Tim's boat into a mech suit. Hector and Flint fight while Tim apologizes for the shark-themed metaphor to a Wolf Shark.