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Junk in the Trunk is the 38th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint is made a tempting offer when he sells his inventions at a yard sale.


The Lockwood house, including Flint's lab, is filled to the brim with Flint's inventions. His dad tells him he needs to get rid of his inventions, and Sam suggests a yard sale.

Nobody is interested, and Flint is reluctant to sell, until Hector Shelbourne arrives and offers to buy everything. Flint names his price at one million dollars, expecting Hector to refuse, but Hector accepts immediately, using the money from the Shelbourne family vault.

The Mayor mourns the loss of his savings while Flint mourns the loss of his inventions. The Mayor agrees to return all the inventions and Flint agrees to return the money.

At the end of the day, Sam is thrilled someone bought her cloud paintings - the mysterious customer turns out to be Flint, who was able to get the money for the paintings by selling Hector his most intriguing "invention" - a simple pen.