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Joe Towne is the "voice of the town." He is a minor character in the first film and a non-speaking character in the second film.


Joe Towne wears a red cap, blue and white plaid shirt, and a fake beard. He has a tall and lanky build, and speaks with a Southern drawl.


Joe towne

Joe Towne is jovial, extroverted, and bombastic. He appears primarily as comic relief or as the voice of the town, vocalizing the reactions of the townspeople to the events happening around them. He remains cool under pressure and is consistently upbeat.


Joe Towne was first seen in Tim and Son's Sardine Bait and Tackle with his pal Rufus, where they joined Brent McHale in his mockery of Flint Lockwood. The two men left the shop for the unveiling of Sardine Land, where Joe enthusiastically stood in the Splash Zone of Shamo's fish bowl. When the FLDSMDFR knocked the bowl off its pedestal and it splashed the crowd, Joe was upset that he is the only one not splashed.[1]

Over the next month, Joe Towne enjoyed the delicious meals that rained on the town. Despite previously jumping on the bandwagon to bully Flint, when he saw Flint at The Roofless with his dad, Joe proposed a toast to Flint and his delicious steak. By the time of the Chewandswallow Grand Opening, Joe no longer considered Brent to be the town celebrity, instead booing him for stripping down to his diaper.

When the Spaghetti Twister hit Sardine Circle, Joe tried to evacuate in his car, which was sucked into the vortex. He managed to touch down close enough to the town square to regroup, and helped Manny revive Cal Devereaux with a celery stick.

As the food storms grew worse, Joe had to flee from a giant donut rolling down the street. Despite the looming threat, he kept his usual upbeat attitude, remarking that "I had a weird dream like this once!"[1] When Flint drove into town with Flying Car II, he and the other townspeople began rocking the car back and forth in anger. However, after Earl arrives and calls out Joe and the rest of the townspeople for there role in the disaster, he has a change in attitude and he and the rest of the townspeople decide to help Earl build rafts to escape the island, something he seemed very passionate about.

Joe survived the Foodalalanche and can be seen in the background on the shore with the other townspeople. Upon Chester V's arrival, he seemed really optimistic about his claims, even going as far as to take a pair of idea pants from a Thinkquanaut. Something he seemed to regret after being instructed to leave by Chester. When Flint's friends offer their support in Flint's new job as a Thinkquanaut, he scoots alongside them to also show his support. He is last seen on the island inside a helicopter, preparing to be relocated to San Franjose.

After being relocated to San Franjose, Joe worked as a city bus driver,[2] transporting Live Corp employees to and from work.[3]

After Flint restored the FLDSMDFR and rescued the Foodimals, Joe Towne returned to Swallow Falls - though he was clearly not happy with the increase in traffic after Foodimals learned to drive.


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