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It's About Time is the 25th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Sam and Flint accidentally cryogenically freeze themselves in the town's time capsule, and emerge into a possibly post-apocalyptic future.


Sam is giving a school presentation on the history of weather devices, to which Brent and the rest of the class declare the past to be boring. As Sam predicts the second ice age, the Mayor declares the town is making a time capsule of anything having to do with the town, and more importantly, of him. The mayor not-so-subtly suggests Flint and Sam sneak their rejected items into the time capsule at night. Appalled by the smell of a cow, expired food, and Old Rick's teeth, Sam sprays an air freshener that turns out to be Flint's Freeze Spray, accidentally freezing them inside the time capsule.

After the ice melts, Sam and Flint emerge from the capsule into a barren desert. Brent also reveals that he snuck in as well, but eats all the food. The three of them eye the cow as potential food, but before they can act, the mayor flies overhead in a helicopter, revealing he simply moved the capsule west of the town to a desert part of the island.

Sam remarks that it's a pity they can't see the real future, then the episode cuts to them preserved in pickle juice while they witness the Great Pickle Uprising inadvertently started by Flint.


"Brent, did you think that burgers just fall from the sky like in some big-budget animated movie?" --Flint Lockwood


  • Brent's "Spinal Man" comic is a clear reference to Spider-Man.