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Inventors Only is the 11th episode of Season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint is excited to discover there's another inventor in town, but Sam suspects the inventor has an ulterior motive for befriending Flint.


It's a beautiful day in the park: Mayor Shelbourne and his son Gil fly kites, Brent and the football team do squats, and Flint unveils his solar-powered Flint Lockwood Sub-terrarium Weather Balloon Drill. When the device loses power, the two play a game of "Guess that Element" and catch with Flint's Self-throwing Ball, which crashes into "the spooky old house where the old evil guy lives" before returning, flying through Sam's baseball glove, and landing in Tim Lockwood's face.

Tim tells Flint to go apologize for the damage, so a nervous Flint steps inside the old house. Hector Evilman is impressed by Flint's destructive invention and introduces himself as a fellow inventor. Hector brings Flint to his lab and shows his Dino Decoy, an inflatable dinosaur that "scares off other dinosaurs," Mice TV (a sitcom made with mice), and a Virtual Surf Machine. Hector insists Flint bring all his inventions to Hector, blatantly admitting his intention to steal them and take credit for them, which Flint dismisses as "classic inventor comedy."

Sam suspects Hector's intentions and is upset that Hector is Flint's new best friend, which Steve agrees is "fishy." Meanwhile, Flint brings Hector all his inventions. Hector ties Flint up with "self-untying rope" and sends him down to his lab. Sam disguises herself as Flint's "Buddy Bot" to gain access to his lab, where she finds Flint still tied up. She rescues Flint, but Hector sees from his security cameras and tells Flint to jump up and down, to which Flint happily obliges, sending himself and Sam to the dungeon below. Just as they're about to be crushed by a wall-crushing machine, Sam tells Flint to use "element 555," Bublonium (Flint's invented element).

The two escape just as Mayor Shelbourne approaches the house. He reprimands Hector for blowing things up and reveals Hector is Mayor Shelbourne's father, saying Evilman is his grandmother's maiden name. The mayor sends his dad to a retirement home, and Sam and Flint use the Virtual Surf Machine, using incorrect sporting terminology while doing so.


  • "Mice TV" shown by Hector to Flint is a parody of Seinfeld


"A good fisherman doesn't leave his lunch on shore." --Tim Lockwood

"What's makes it funny is that the laugh track telling you that it's funny." --Hector Evilman