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Invent This! is the 3rd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the Series Season 1.


When Tim is celebrated for accidentally inventing a pencil holder, Flint gets jealous and starts to doubt his own skills as an inventor.


Flint sets up a display in the middle of Sardine Circle to present several of his inventions, including a Chainsaw Washer and a Time Machine. When residents complain that the Time Machine only told the time instead of traveling through time, Flint requests a pencil to make some calculations. Several townspeople comment that their pencils fell from behind their ears when Tim Lockwood lets Flint borrow his. He had secured his pencil behind his ear with a wad of chewing gum, which Mayor Shelbourne quickly heralds as the greatest invention Swallow Falls had seen.

Gum pencil

"You can't just smoosh two things together and call it an invention," Flint complains - before it cuts to a compilation of several of Flint's inventions that are simple combinations of two things (Lawnmower Shoes, Shower Chair, and the Chainsaw Washer). Sam tries to cheer up Flint by pointing out that his dad was finally showing an interest in what Flint does, but Flint is upset that the townspeople ignore Flint's hard work in favor of the simple Gum Pencil. Inspired by Gum Pencil, many of the townspeople started creating their own inventions.

Tim Lockwood Inventor

Disheartened and ignored, Flint decides to reinvent himself, considering football, piano, and dental hygiene before accepting that inventing his an integral part of who he is. After Flint re-invents the Time Machine to actually travel through time, Tim Lockwood reveals that Flint actually invented the Gum Pencil, having given a box of them to Tim for his birthday. Sam tries to convince Flint and Tim to hug it out, which is awkward for both of them.

The Time Machine itself landed in the Stone Age, where upon poking the device a caveman Tim creates a torch.


  • This is the first episode that Old Rick appears.
  • The local theater is playing the movies "Living Food" and "Living Food 2," as a subtle nod to the Foodimals.


"Moving my arms at the speed of science!" --Flint Lockwood