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Ice Cream Snowmen are enemy food creatures that appear in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.


Ice Cream Snowman

A standard snowman

There are two different types of snowmen that appear in the game. The standard snowman is two scoops tall, a vanilla scoop atop a chocolate scoop, with three buttons and a smiling face made of chocolate chips. It has two arms made of swirled candy straws, with a scoop of ice cream at the end for hands. It stands about a head and a half taller than Flint, making them over 6 feet tall.


A tall snowman

The tall snowman is three scoops tall, with strawberry at the bottom, then chocolate then vanilla. It has the same candy straw arms and smiling chocolate chip face as its smaller counterpart, but also has a carrot nose and a top hat. They are about twice as tall as Flint, with an estimated height of over 10 feet.


Ice cream snowmen use their candy straw arms to fire snowballs at anyone who gets too close. They will fire three shots from one arm, then three shots from the other arm. Tall snowmen have the added attack of spinning their upper body in a circle, hitting anything within striking distance.

Ice cream snowmen can be melted by pushing them into chili with the Bigacious Pow, or by melting them with the Hot Enougher or hot coffee or chili in the Upsucker Plus.

In the PSP version of the game, snowmen fire much more slowly, and only fire two shots. Tall snowmen fire three snowballs at a time for a total of six snowballs.