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The Ice Cream Snow Day was an event in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Flint Lockwood, at the request of Earl Devereaux, made it snow 31 flavors[1] of ice cream for Calvin Devereaux's birthday.


Earl Devereaux reached out to Flint to request "something special" for his son Cal's birthday the next day. Flint initially declined, citing the dangers of overworking the FLDSMDFR and pointing out that Earl "is always mean to me."

Earl accepted Flint's response, but explained that he wanted to show Cal how much he loved him. Flint, who was himself working on connecting with his dad, changed his mind and suggested ice cream.

Snow Day[]

'Icecream street'

"Strawberry's my favorite!"

The next morning, Cal awoke to discover the whole town covered in snow, with scoops of multiple flavors covering the rooftops. He rushed outside with the other children of the town, thrilled to have the day off of school.

Outside, the children devoured as much of the snowy landscape as their hearts desired. Cal convinced his dad to join him sledding off the roof, where they landed face-first in an ice cream-filled dumpster. Cal invited Flint to join him in a snowball fight, and Flint admitted he'd never been in a snowball fight before.

All city is covered in Icecream balls

Sam Sparks assured him that snowball fights were easy to learn, that even Steve was throwing "chocolate snowballs." Once Flint learned the mechanics of snowball-throwing, he launched into the snowball fight with excessive zeal, shouting "Snowball!" with every scoop of ice cream he threw at unsuspecting townspeople. He even burst into a family's home, hitting both parents and children with snowballs.

Sam reported on the ice cream snow day during her usual weather broadcast, and took the opportunity to invite the global community to the Chewandswallow Grand Opening that upcoming Saturday.