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I Gotta Piñata is the 43rd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint decides to have some fun when he is in charge of a birthday piñata.


Mrs Manny

The episode begins with Mrs. Manny, Manny's mother, knocks on the Lockwood house's door to ask Tim Lockwood to hide a piñata, explaining that ever since Manny's first birthday, he's been an expert at bashing piñatas.

Tim tells Flint to watch the piñata while he goes fishing, but Flint doesn't know what a piñata is. After watching one video on the Internet, Flint concludes that a piñata is an explosive detonated using candy. Steve breaks the piñata, and Flint believes Mrs. Manny has been suckered into buying a broken piñata and is determined to make a truly explosive piñata.

At the party, Sam explains what a piñata is, and that the force of smashing it would wipe the "A" in "Atlantic" clear off the map. Manny selects his stick and blindfold while Brent and Gil commentate, but Sam and Flint steal the piñata and run off with Manny in hot pursuit.

Flint straps a rocket to the piñata and shoots it into the sky, but Manny smashes it, creating fireworks and causing it to rain candy all over town. Manny thanks Flint for the piñata before his mother arrives with cake. Manny mistakes everyone for piñatas and brandishes his stick as the episode ends.