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Hector Eustace Evilman Shelbourne, more commonly known as Hector Shelbourne, is the second main antagonist of Flint Lockwood. He later revealed to be Hector Shelbourne, the father of Mayor Shelbourne and Missy Shelbourne and the paternal grandfather of Gil Shelbourne. He is the second major antagonist of the series.


Hector is an elderly man like Old Rick. In fact, the two can be seen living in the same care facility. As for his actual personality, Hector is crazy, like Old Rick, but is more mentally intact than him. Retaining his genius mind to invent things and still acts civilized. Hector's ambitions are to be the best inventor in Swallow Falls and take over the world, but he is also frustrated by the fact that Flint has much better ideas than him. It is revealed, however, that Hector does find happiness in battling Flint, in the episode "More ordinary People", when Flint is no longer allowed to fight with Hector, Hector tries to find a replacement nemesis, but nothing worked, and Hector seemed to be sad.


Hector is an inventor like Flint Lockwood. He competes creating inventions with him. Although Hector is an inventor, his inventions is usually used for bad purpose to take control of the world rather than to improve people life unless in some cases such as the episode FLUBER and Spa daze which he creates a few non-evil purpose inventions.

Major Episode Appearance[]

Season 1

Season 2


  • He does not appear in the films when Flint is an adult as he would have gotten too old and passed away before the events of the film.