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Happy Clappy Monkey is the 27th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Steve falls in love with the cymbal-smashing electric monkey that Flint brought in to replace Steve while Steve was on vacation.


Flint is in the midst of creating his latest invention. He uses Steve's behavior to make key decisions about his invention, including a "bunch" of arms (based on the "bunch" of bananas Steve is holding) and wooden boards over carbon fiber because Steve looked "bored." He reveals the Vacuum Peeler, which unfortunately peels clothes off people in addition to banana peels.

Sam suggests Steve go on a two-week vacation, so Flint packs his bags for him and bids him farewell at the bus stop. In the meantime, he tries to make Sam his lab assistant instead, but she struggles to help Flint make decisions without knowing what the invention is supposed to be. Sam angrily suggests Flint just invent a new lab partner. He rummages through an old trunk of inventions before finding Happy Clappy Monkey, who Sam admits looks similar to Steve if one squints.

Unfortunately Happy Clappy Monkey's decisions have devastating consequences, and Flint is all too happy to receive a call from Steve - who, as it turns out, never left the bus station.

Upon arriving home, Steve is immediately drawn to Happy Clappy Monkey, kissing her and being shocked by the residual electrical charge. Flint, upset that Steve could love something more than science (and time with him), asks his dad for advice. Tim becomes flustered by talk of love, which Flint misinterprets as a need to get rid of Happy Clappy Monkey.

Somehow, despite burying her in the forest or dropping her in a sealed vat to the bottom of Swallow Bay, Happy Clappy Monkey still returns. Sam tries to use social manipulation to convince Steve to distrust Happy Clappy Monkey (such as saying she's only after him for his bananas) but Steve ignores her.

It's not until her batteries run out that Steve reluctantly returns to being Flint's trusty lab partner.


  • Flint Lockwood Time Machine clock version and time travel version from Invent This! make an appearance