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Hands Up is the 8th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 60th episode in the series overall.


Flint realizes that all of the world's great inventors have large hands, so he invents a way to supersize his own mitts.


One day in the lab, Flint experiences "inventor's block" and can't think of any new ideas. He takes Sam through a miniature amusement park ride he created filled with animatronic inventors with cartoonishly large gloved hands. Flint decides that the reason he has inventor's block is because his hands are too small.

Using a set of hands from a caveman display at the local museum, Flint drastically increases the size of his hands. The whole town is enthralled with Flint's giant hands, but Flint still can't think of any good ideas. He returns to his lab, where he struggles with keypads, detail work, and tiny buttons and knobs.

Flint begs Sam to reverse the machine before everything is destroyed. Thankfully, Flint's hands return to normal as his lab explodes - but Sam is given the giant hands instead.