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Hair We Go Again is the 24th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint invents the Hair Un-balder when he realizes he'll go bald one day, but Tim offers him another point of view by showing him the perks of being bald.


Flint is in the middle of recording a video of "Zoo-ing Gum," chewing gum that takes the shape of different zoo animals, when Steve pops the gum and it ends up in Flint's hair. Flint quickly washes the gum out of his hair while Tim ominously hints that Flint won't have long to enjoy his hair.

Flint denies that his dad is bald and invents a Follicle Counter to test it. Tim explains that the whole Lockwood family is bald, including Flint's grandfather, great-grandfather, not-so-great-grandfather, Auntie Bev, cousin Milton, and the family dog Peaches. Tim also revealed that when he was Flint's age, he had a similar hairdo. Sam explains that like how her mom is nearsighted (and has three belly buttons) Sam has also inherited those traits, so Flint is genetically predisposed for baldness.

Flint proclaims being bald is the worst, hurting his dad's feelings. Instead of apologizing, Flint invents the Hair Un-balder, but the hair that sprouts immediately disappears. Flint imagines a future where he goes bald and grows a unibrow and moustache like his father. Despairing about his failed invention, Flint dumps it down the drain, where it makes the sardines grow hair.

Tim shows Flint the perks of being bald, like luxury head massages and bowling balls filled with snacks. While the mayor tries to make a profit off the hairy sardines, Tim tells Flint that while being bald has its perks, Flint should enjoy his hair while he has it. Flint throws his Hair Un-balder Re-balder into the sea, where it removes all the sardines' hair.


  • Flint was shown to be bald at the end of the episode She's a Shoe-In.
  • Flint's hairs are named after Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen, and Jerry Springer.
  • Flint has 587,003 hair follicles.
  • This episode retcons the Sardemon episode, since during the flashback young Tim was bald while in this episode he is shown with a full head of hair. It also retcons Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs since Flint does not videotape his reveal of Hair Un-balder and throws it into the ocean instead of the trash.