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Gummy Bears
Food base Gummy Bear
Animal/lifeform base Bears
Diet Omnivore
Habitat Foodimal Jungle

"Play with us, Play with us Eat us, Eat us" - Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are living food created by the FLDSMDFR. They stand about three feet high and are extremely destructive, tearing apart the Flying Car II. If one gets torn apart it can attach dismembered parts of other gummis to itself.

Video Game[]


Gummy Bears are enemy food creatures that appear in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.

They are small enemies that often wander either solo or in packs of 3. They are vicious enemies who will lean forward and dive for Flint and Steve's ankles, then bounce back out of range and do a little dance after a successful hit.

Their hits can be dodged by jumping, and they can be destroyed by melting them with the Hot Enougher or with coffee or chili from the Upsucker Plus, or by chopping them with the Chopper-er. They can also be punched aside with the Bigacious Pow and picked up and moved with the Forkamajigger.