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Gilbert Shelbourne, or simply "Gil" is the son of Mayor Shelbourne. He is also Flint Lockwood's classmate in Cannery High in the TV series.

Gil is the heart of the mayor, so he's the voice inside his head that he doesn't listen to.
— Pat McKenna, voice of Gil


Gil has ginger hair shaped in a small toupee similar to his dad, a purple suit with a yellow badge, a white undershirt, a black tie, black shorts, and black shoes with long white socks.

He is much smaller than his dad and most of the students in Cannery High.


Gil desperately longs for attention, validation, and love from his father, and will tolerate all manner of abuse just for a moment of affection. He is nervous and awkward, known for peeing in public pools and enjoying age-inappropriate shows like Poppa Piglet.

Despite not showing Gil much affection, Mayor Shelbourne gives his son lots of power in school, which often goes to Gil's head. He can be brash, arrogant, and power-hungry, often showing off evidence of his family's immense wealth.

Gil has a slew of food intolerances and allergies, including intolerance to potassium, ketchup, and seafood. He has unreciprocated romantic feelings for Sam Sparks, who he calls "Sammy Sam Sam," but becomes friends with Brent McHale over their toenail collection.


Not much is known about Gil's early childhood. During The New, New Girl, Mayor Shelbourne tells Gil the fact that Gil is his son "was never proven in court" which heavily implies Gil was an unwanted child and that his parents likely went through a messy divorce, which might explain why his mom is not in the picture. As seen in the episode “Flint's Fabulous Future”, not much is known about Gil's future. When Gil shook the robot's hand, there was no picture of his future, just static. It is implied that Gil succumbs to illness, as shortly after revealing his future, Gil develops a bad cough, but his fate remains unknown.


  • Gil is a new character in Cloudy: the series, along with Old Rick, Hector Shelbourne, Jim Lockwood, and Brenda.
  • In part 2 of the episode "Lobster Claus is Coming to Town", it is revealed that Gil has a very beautiful singing voice. This feat is actually able to make his dad proud of him, though of course it does not last. As when he uses his singing voice again, his dad just tells him "Nobody likes a showoff".
  • How Gil's voice was achieved was due to Patrick McKenna being requested to make Gil sound more "nerdier", which resulted in Patrick McKenna using Harold's voice from Red Green, a popular Canadian comedy show.