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The Giant Jell-O Mold, also known as the "Jelly Castle," is a large structure created entirely out of gelatin. Flint Lockwood created it as a surprise gift to Sam Sparks.


The giant Jell-O mold was located in a remote grassy field far northwest of Swallow Falls. The area is marked by winding rivers, rolling hills, and sparse trees.


Delicious Jelly Palace

Flint created the Jell-O mold as a surprise gift for Sam by making it rain Jell-O in the middle of the night, gathering it with the Outtasighter before everyone woke up, and pressing it into a giant custom-carved plastic Tupperware mold he made. The two of them spent the day bouncing around inside and snacking on the gelatin before watching the sunset from the upper floor.

In the video game, the Jelly Castle was opened as a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, it attracted Ratbirds, which Flint promptly cleared out with the help of his inventions. Sam invited him to stay for a while, but at that point sentient food had begun wreaking havoc on Swallow Falls, so Flint had to leave.



  • Jell-O is Sam Sparks's favorite food, specifically because it's a "viscoelastic polymer made of polypeptide chains but you eat it"