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Fruit Cockatiel
Food Base Fruit cocktail
Animal/Lifeform Base Cockatiel
Habitat Foodimal Jungle

Fruit Cockatiels are small little Foodimals birds that appear to be made out of several fruits and resemble a fruit cocktail.

Fruit Cockatiel

Physical Apperance

Their body is a pear with red cheeks, and their eyes are pineapple slices with cherry irises. The feathers on the top of their head is a banana peel, and their wings are peeled bananas. Their beak is a sliced grape, and their feet are orange slices. Their height is aproximately 40 cm. They are one of the smallest Foodimals.

Role in the Movie

In the movie they first appear in the Food Jungle Clear Zone, along with other Foodimals. Some of the Fruit Cockatiels were frozen by Chester V's Thinknaughts while they camped at Flint's house. Barry is friends with one, whom acted like Brent McHale when Barry was using charades to tell Flint that their friends were kipnapped by Chester V.  They last appear in the Ending Credits acting like Bowling Pins, and Flint makes a Strike using a Blueberry as Bowling Ball.


  • Their name is a combination of Fruit Cocktail and Cockatiel.

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