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The Forkamajigger is an invention used in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.

Hyperbionic handheld stabber and transporter. Handy for picking up certain types of food.
— From the game manual


The Forkamajigger is used for stabbing and carrying items. It can be used to transport sticks of butter, slices of gherkin and chorizo, and even gummi bears by picking them up and then dropping them elsewhere. Flint and Steve cannot jump while carrying items. The Forkamajigger can also be used to rappel up ropes of spaghetti, and to unravel spaghetti twisters. It can also be used to stab ravioli Hydronic Foodpods. Upgrades to the Forkamajigger reduces the number of hits it takes to destroy ravioli and increases the speed of using a spaghetti rope.