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The Foodimal Jungle is the most prominent region of Swallow Falls after the FLDSMDFR's transformation of the environment in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Much like the rest of the island, it is a food-themed utopia with all manner of jungle like trees growing everywhere and it is completely inhabited by Foodimals.

It is a techno-organic wonderland, an extension of Flint's creative and colorful personality manifested in the physical environment. The foliage is made up of long, organic curves that spiral abruptly at the end, mimicking Flint's unruly hair, and the color palette of the jungle is unexpected and vibrant.

Cheespiders are the most prominent predators in the jungle, spinning cheese webs and chasing down intruders. However, a diverse array of other Foodimals can be found in the central watering hole in the former Sardine Circle Plaza.


The Foodimal Jungle covers the majority of the previously-inhabited town of Swallow Falls, stretching from the docks north beyond Sardine Circle, west past the Roofless restaurant and east beyond Waterfront Street.

Waterfront Street[]

The location of Tim and Son's Sardine Bait and Tackle is densely overgrown with thick bioluminescent foliage. Pickles would often forage for sardines in the area.

Live Corp Bunker[]

This distinctive bunker was used by Live Corp's Thinkquanauts tasked with locating the FLDSMDFR in the dense jungle of Swallow Falls. Its stark white appearance makes it very clear to both the viewer and to the foodimals that such a mechanical presence is not welcome in the organic environment. Live Corp, for better or for worse, is designed to stand out.

In the bunker, Thinkquanauts also captured and contained small Foodimals, such as Barry the strawberry, in hexagonal "to-go" boxes.

Flint and his friends come across one such bunker on the west side of town, close to Cal's old preschool and the Roofless restaurant.

Sardine Circle[]


Sardine Circle has become the watering hole for Foodimals of all types. Watermelophants bask in a coconut river and waterfall while Wild Scallion, Hippotatomuses, Cantelopes, Fruit Cockatiels, and Lemmins bask in the cool water below. Cheespiders also hunt on the edges of the town square, using old power cables as trip wires to notify them of potential prey.

Cheespider Territory[]

The part of the jungle where Cheespiders build their webs is a treacherous section of jungle not populated by many other Foodimals. This area of the jungle is also filled with oatmeal quicksand, with pools large enough to sink a helicopter.[1]


  • The sun rays and dust particles in the jungle were known as "Ridleys," as homage to Ridley Scott.[2]
  • The Cloudy 2 team used depth styling to create a clean transition between CG foregrounds and matte painting backgrounds.[2]