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Foodimal Funimal was an upgrade to the Cloudy Shake app that allowed users to interact with their Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Blu-ray.


What is Foodimal Funimal App?

There are five new activities added to the app in addition to the original Cloudy Shake.


Image Activity Directions
App ticklebarry nor
Tickle Barry Catch Barry and double tap him as he zooms across the screen
App picklefish nor
Pickle Fishing with Tim Use your fishing skills to help the Pickles reel in their favorite food, sardines!
App matchimal nor
Matchimal A Foodimal take on the classic card matching memory game.
App foodimal nor
Find a Foodimal Foodimals are hidden around your living room, find the right one as fast as you can.
App cheespider nor
Cheespider Splat Chester V holograms are after the foodimals, stop them with a cheeseweb before he gets them!

Syncing the app with the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Blu-ray™ by connecting the Blu-Ray player and the app to the same WiFi and tapping "Foodimal Funimal" in-app enhances each activity: playing each level you will unlock all new foodimals inside the 'Meet the Foodimals' section of the app, and the TV screen will show a complementary display to the game on the phone. For instance, Pickle Fishing with Tim becomes competitive, as the goal is to catch more fish than Tim, who is fishing on the television screen. Tickle Barry fills the TV screen with strawberries, while Matchimal, Find a Foodimal, and Cheespider Splat show trapped foodimals in glass Live Corp containers, Live Corp boxes, and cells in the Live Corp factory, respectively.