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 Foodimal Frenzy is an app based off of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. It is developed by PlayFirst. It was removed from the app store and google play on an unknown date.

The designs for the foodimals and map backgrounds were created by Maggie Tran. The designs for the characters were created by Johnny Burgess.


Foodimal Frenzy is a match-3 game where the player drags a line through 3 or more foodimals of the same type to match them. Creating a line of five or more creates a Celebrationator, which is shown as an icon next to the foodimal. Creating a match including a foodimal with a Celebrationator eliminates all foodimals of the same type and raises the Party Meter.

The Party Meter

Matches are 60 seconds long. Filling the Party Meter earns ten seconds of bonus time. When 5 seconds are remaining, a timer will count down and the foodimals will appear visibly distressed.

Food Bars

Two foodimals are trapped in a food bar. Matching underneath the trapped foodimals will let the food bar drop to the bottom of the level, where it will be unwrapped. One of the trapped foodimals will have a Celebrationator.


  • Celebrationator (1875 coins) - Drops a Celebrationator with every match
  • Extra Time (1499 coins) - Adds 30 seconds to the clock
  • Extra Foodimals (1375 coins) - spawns more foodimals of the type needed to complete goals
  • Shuffler (875 coins) - Reshuffles foodimals to make them easier to match


Players traverse through a series of maps, with each map requiring a certain number of stars (earned by fulfilling certain goals) to progress to the next map. Playing a level uses a battery, and players can hold up to 5 batteries at a time. There are a total of 60 levels across the four maps.


The story is a condensed version of the story of the film, with one major change at the end. Instead of being eaten by a Cheespider, Chester instead is pushed into his food bar machine and turned into a food bar. He makes a tongue-in-cheek joke about feeling remoseful for his actions, then the game ends with Sam, Flint, and all the foodimals living in harmony.

Chester Food Bar

Chester as a food bar