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The Foodalanche was an event in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


When the FLDSMDFR began to rain food from the sky, it produced so much food that the residents of Swallow Falls could not eat it all. As a solution, Flint Lockwood invented the Outtasighter to catapult uneaten food into the hills, forming a mountain of leftover food known as Mount Leftovers.

Opening Ceremony and Spaghetti Twister[]

The greed and gluttony of the townspeople in Swallow Falls led to Mount Leftovers becoming so large that the Swallow Falls Dam could not handle the pressure. A simple maraschino cherry was enough to push the structure to the breaking point, sending a massive avalanche of food through the town, decimating what remained of Swallow Falls after the destruction wrought by the Spaghetti Twister.

Fortunately, such a disaster had been prepared for. Earl Devereaux led the charge for the townspeople and tourists to evacuate the island using bread boats. Thanks to his leadership, everyone was able to evacuate before the dam collapsed.


Swallow Falls never recovered from the destruction. Despite promises from Chester V to clean the leftover food, he never delivered on those promises. Most residents relocated to San Franjose after the disaster, although a handful of Swallow Falls natives returned with Flint to create Sparkswood.