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The Flying Car II was a winged car created by Flint Lockwood in order to fly up to the Meat-a-Roid in the skies above Swallow Falls.

It was an updated and improved version of the Flying Car, which did not have wings and thus crashed into the ocean.

As the food created by the FLDSMDFR became threatening, Flint redesigned his failed prototype for an approach vehicle. Flint, with the help of navigator Sam Sparks and pilot Manny, flew towards the FLDSMDFR. While infiltrating the Meat-a-Roid, the vehicle came under attack from gummy bears and was nearly destroyed until Steve neutralizes them. It eventually crash landed in Swallow Falls and was severely damaged.


  • The car is powered by food in the video game - it runs on carbs provided by an orange, muffin, and a gummi bear.
  • The license plate reads "AWESOME."
  • In the novelization, the car exploded into a display of fireworks when Sam and Flint kissed.