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This is the greatest day of my life! Didgeridoo, I'm finally a real inventor!
— Flintly McCallahan upon receiving his Thinkquanaut vest.

Flintly McCallahan is a minor character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. He is an inventor who works at Live Corp. He became a Thinkquanaut after he was chosen by Chester V for his invention, which he called the Awwwwwwwwtomobile, which Chester V says it "runs on cute", as it holds a cute cat in a small compartment .


Flintly McCallahan is first seen working on an small electric post.

During the Thinkquanaut vesting ceremony in Live Corp's auditorium, Flintly was among the audience, though he is impossible to spot. When he was chosen by Chester V to become a Thinkquanaut an overjoyed Flintly immediately hurries to the stage while a video presentation of his invention, the Awwwwwwwwtomobile, is being shown, which is described by Chester V as being a "zero-emission car that runs on cuteness". The video also shows Flintly opening a small compartment that reveals an adorable white cat. After showing his affection, he rudely shut the cat back into the compartment before giving a thumbs up to the audience and driving away in his invention.

Upon running onto the stage, Flintly tosses away his inventor's coat and was given his Thinkquanaut vest by Barb.