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Flintenstein is the 36th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.

Follows Mayornormal Activity.


While attempting to debunk Hollywood pseudoscience, Flint accidentally creates his own Frankenstein-like monster.



Earl interrupts science class with a science fiction film heavily based on Frankenstein. Flint bemoans how inaccurate the portrayal of science is. At his lab, he sarcastically imitates a Hollywood scientist, throwing together random bits and bobs and picking a brain from his Brain of the Month collection. Because of a conveniently-timed lightning storm, his creation comes to life just like in the movies and immediately refers to Flint as "daddy."

Despite running several tests to prove the new creature has emotions, Flint still insists it is not his son. At the movies, Flint scolds the creature for eating all the candy, then tells him to politely ask Brent to stop texting during the movie. The creature instead growls at the audience members, scaring all but Brent away.

After the movie, the Mayor leads an angry mob against the creature. Flint defends the creature, finally saying that it is his son and naming him Dave. Dave asks Flint and Sam ("possible mommy figure") why the townspeople hate him so much. A blind man answers that the townspeople view Dave as different, and Dave lets the man feel his brain - which freaks out the old man and alerts the mob to their hiding place.

They hide in the movie theater and Flint laments Hollywood science once again, sarcastically throwing random objects together to build an interdimensional portal.

In the other dimension, Dave meets a woman named Moira and the two hit it off while Flint admits that being a parent is hard and letting his son be on his own is even harder.