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Flint vs. FLint is the 28th episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series. It is the 80th episode in the series overall.


Flint's creation of an AI alter ego backfires when his computerized self starts taking over the real Flint's life.


Late at night, Flint is consulting the Flint Artificial Intelligence (FLART) about new invention ideas. Although FLART is at 80% energy, Flint is exhausted and goes to bed.

The next morning, Sam talks to Flint about his cloud-chaser idea. When Flint says he never told her about it, Sam says the two of them were on the phone for three hours the previous night. Flint compares his AI companion to Patootie before Earl thanks Flint for suggesting changes to his workout routine.

Flint confronts FLART about it and FLART tells Flint he is lonely, since he is cut off from the Internet and unable to talk to anyone besides Flint. Flint promises to be more available, but then immediately runs to class, leaving an angry FLART in his locker. FLART interrupts class by trying to call Flint on Earl's phone.

Flint deletes FLART, but FLART appears on a billboard in town and tells Sam that he found a backdoor to the Internet. FLART promises to ruin Flint's reputation by showing the town a montage of his failed inventions (FLAMES, Wind Power, Ratbird Power, Mow-You-Over Boater Motor, and a montage of several explosions from the show). FLART vows to delete Flint, which Flint scoffs at until a satellite nearly crushes him.

Flint inundates FLART with popup ads to prevent him from using the Internet to control electronics. Flint injects a computer virus, and a weakened FLART reminds him that he tried to delete FLART first. FLART launches an intercontinental ballistic missile at Flint and Sam, but Flint uses FLART's curiosity against him, delaying the missile's explosion. Flint decides to make FLART a companion Flint, and the two argue endlessly about which virtual Flint is less virtual.

The episode ends with Flint making a self-aware joke about how annoying he is.


  • The episode name and title card are a reference to Spy vs. Spy.
  • One of the popup ads for studying animation in Canada is a reference to the show's production in Canada.