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Flint TV is the 35th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 87th episode overall.


Flint's new invention transports the user into any TV show they choose.


Flint appears on a science-themed television show starring a mad scientist and his dinosaur sidekick to tell them that their friendship would be scientifically impossible. Sam appears on a weather broadcast and changes the forecast from sunny to blustery.

Back in the lab, Sam and Flint decide which channel to enter next using Flint's latest invention Flint TV. Brent crashes through the ceiling and begs Flint to let him use Flint TV. Despite Flint's insistence that his invention should only be used to correct factual inaccuracies, Brent tells them that being a TV star is his dream (and that starring in commercials doesn't count). Flint allows him to use Flint TV for one show. After declining Stormwave and Thunderhawk, Brent decides to enter Monster Moonsteroids. In the show, two alien species are about to declare an end to their interspecies war, but Brent appears and turns the aliens against each other, destroying the storyline. Upon returning, Brent pretends to be nice to Flint so he could hug him and secretly steal Flint TV.

At school, the mayor summons Flint and Sam to his office and shows them Brent invading a sitcom. He laments how comedy in shows is designed for the lowest common denominator and tells Flint and Sam that they need to get Brent out of the TV before the mayor's biopic premiers at 7 that evening. If not, he'd switch off all TV and presumably wipe everything on the TV from existence - including Brent.

Flint and Sam chase Brent through multiple TV shows, finally convincing him to return by revealing that the food in the shows is fake. They step outside to find the aliens from Monster Moonsteroids had escaped the TV in the chaos and are waging war over the town. They decide to watch the mayor's biopic, but quickly realize they'd rather face the alien invasion.