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Flint Lockwood has created a slew of Flint-Lockwood-brand inventions ranging from zany and fantastical to practical. In each one, his creativity and imagination is put on full display, as well as his desire to help his hometown and earn the acceptance of his peers and family.

Early Inventions[]

Wedgie-Proof Underwear[]


Wedgie-Proof Underwear was Flint's first invention, created when Flint was only 6 years old (two years before the invention of Spray-on Shoes). They are specially designed underwear that stretch to an extreme degree without causing discomfort, which prevents the dreaded "wedgie."

Chester V also invented a variant of the Wedgie-Proof Underwear when he was 3 years old. Flint and Chester bond over similar experiences of bullying in their youth, as well as the similar solution. The stretchy undergarment is also ideal for bungee jumping above the electrified, stagnant water in Flint's lab.

Spray-on Shoes[]

See Spray-on Shoes

Remote Controlled Television[]

See Remote Controlled Television

Monkey Thought Translator[]

Monkey Thought Translator

The Monkey-Thought-Translator is one of Flint Lockwood's earliest inventions. The device consists of a red, white and blue headband that has been modified to read the brainwaves of the wearer, before transmitting it through a modified baby monitor through whatever voice the user could produce. It is primarily worn by Flint's best friend and lab partner Steve, but it has been shown to work on other intelligent species as well, such as humans and Shrimpanzees.


See Ratbirds

Hair Un-Balder[]

See Hair Un-Balder

Cloudy: The Series[]

NOTE: This is a non-exhaustive list of inventions that appear in Cloudy: The Series. Inventions only referenced in name only, appear for one-off gags, or do not have any relevance to the plot of the episode they appear in will not appear here.

Invention Description
Flint Lockwood Wind-Powered Sound Machine A machine that generates sound that is powered by wind; a counterpart to Sam's Sound-Powered Wind Machine.
Flint Lockwood Flavor Transmogrifier (FLYLOFTRA) An invention that changes the taste of one food into a specified food (e.g. sardines that taste like bacon). Has unfortunate side effects.
Flint Lockwood Garbage Go Bye Bye Robot A robot designed to detect trash and launch it off the island.
Doppler Orb Two Hundo/Three Milli A robot that can predict the future. The Doppler Orb Two Hundo predicts weather, while the Three Milli predicts anything in the future.
Bublonium (element 555) An element that creates giant pink bubbles.
Rooster Alarm Clock (unnamed) A robotic alarm clock shaped like a rooster. Goes off at random moments throughout the entire day.
Tent Grenade An invention that instantly creates a tent.
Flint Lockwood Smush'em Upper An invention designed to combine any two objects, animate or inanimate.
Wolf Shark A hybrid between a wolf and a shark created by the Flint Lockwood Smush'em Upper. Lives in the Swallow Falls Zoo.
Sal the Sardine (using the Statue-izer) The Statue-izer makes anything into a statue, or makes statues animate.
Poofus (using the Cloud Cannon) Poofus is a sentient cloud created using the Cloud Cannon.
Flint Lockwood Flatulator Incubator An invention that produces beans that induce flatulence.
Pamper Bot A robot designed to pamper Tim Lockwood to reduce stress.
Flint Lockwood Spect-ocular Glasses A virtual reality headset.
Flint Lockwood Photo Bomber An invention designed to insert Flint into any picture.
TREVER (Totally Really Excited to Vanquish Everyone Robot) A robot created specifically for Mayor Shelbourne's Robot Rumble.
Clint A clone of Flint with banana DNA.
Dave A living creature produced ironically while Flint was criticizing Frankenstein. Considers Flint his dad.
Sardine Cyborg Army Sardines given autonomous thought, weaponry, and robotic legs.
Apprecia-sphere An invention designed to help people appreciate the world around them.
Time Machine Allows the user to travel through time.
Flint Lockwood Universal Plentifier (FLUP) A cornucopia-shaped invention that multiplies any object put into it.
Brentonium An element Flint created for Brent's science project. It has multiple uses, but users suffer a myriad of side effects.
Flint Lockwood Memory Eraser An invention that removes specific memories from the subject. Flint promises to invent this to erase the events of the show from everyone's memory once Sam moves out of Swallow Falls.
Patootie Sam's imaginary friend, brought into reality by one of Flint's inventions.
Flint Lockwood Talk Back Baby Talk Modulator (FLTBBTM) A pacifier that acts as a speaker and voice modulator.
Flint Lockwood Universal Nutrient Creation Hub (FLUNCH) A machine that produces diverse snacks and meals.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]

Flying Car[]

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Flying Car

See also Flying Car II

The Flying Car is one of Flint's earliest inventions. Flint tested it by driving it off the Swallow Falls Docks, though it simply didn't have enough distance and propulsion to gain altitude, instead sinking immediately. In the novelization, the Flying Car successfully took off, but was destroyed by power cables.

Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator[]



See Outtasighter

Anti-Food Creature Weaponry[]

In the video game, Flint designs a series of inventions to destroy and defend against increasingly hostile living food: the Forkamajigger, Chopper-er, Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, and Hot Enougher each handle different skills, from punching to stabbing to melting. When regular Spray-on Shoes prove not to be enough to destroy the FLDSMDFR, Flint creates the ultimate weapon: Super Spray-on Shoes!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]



The Fork-and-Knife-and-Spoon-inator is one of Flint Lockwood's invention submissions to the Live Corp vesting ceremony. It is designed to be strapped to the wearer's neck and use a fork, knife, and spoon to automatically feed the user. However, it did not limit the rate at which it shoved food into the user's mouth.

Invisible Coffee Table[]


Tim Lockwood tripping over the table

the Invisible Coffee Table is an invention created by Flint Lockwood as a submission to the Live Corp vesting competition. It was designed to "open up the space" but causes more shin bruises than are worth the aesthetic benefit.

Flint briefly attempted to use the table to dissolve Chester V holograms, but the holograms re-form too quickly for the bulky table to be of use.

Grocery Deliverator[]


Flint reveals the Grocery Deliverator to Chester V

The Grocery Deliverator is an invention by Flint Lockwood that can teleport food from one location to another. Flint created it as his sixteenth submission to Live Corp in his goal to become a Thinkquanaut. Portals are generated by a small device laid on the ground. Designed for the convenience of buying groceries it can transport food but not anything else. Steve also behaved erratically when the machine spat him back out.

  • Flint marketed the Grocery Deliverator on a TV ad broadcast from Swallow Falls. It is $29.95 (plus shipping and handling) with a 30-day money back guarantee. It could be ordered by calling 1-555-DEL-IVER



The Re-Freeze-a-Fan is a portable ice maker invented by Flint Lockwood as a submission to the Live Corp vesting competition.

Its design is suspiciously similar to the weapons equipped by the Sentinels of Safety to immobilize targets, implying that Chester V would usurp invention submissions and develop them himself without crediting the original inventors.


See Celebrationator

Other Live Corp Submissions[]

Flint also created hundreds of other unnamed inventions as submissions to the Live Corp Vesting competition.

  • #63: A set of rocket boots.
  • #74: A floating gelatin ring that Tim Lockwood is seen running on. The purpose of such an invention is unknown.
  • #103: An invention that results in Tim Lockwood shrinking to a few inches tall.
  • #158: An invention that somehow uses Tim to illuminate two lightbulbs. The purpose of such an invention is unknown.
  • A light switch that switches from daylight to nighttime while also switching on/off a nearby lamp.
  • An invention that removes all hair, including Tim Lockwood's monobrow and moustache.

Flint Lockwood Food Jungle Topographical Pointing Machine[]

Jungle pointer

The Flint Lockwood Food Jungle Topographical Pointing Machine (FLFJTPM) is a Flint-Lockwood-brand gadget used by Flint to locate the FLDSMDFR. Flint designed it using spare parts from his lab, which he gathered with the help of Chester V. The device has a laser at the front, which snakes around solid masses such as people, foliage, and Foodimals to guide Flint to the FLDSMDFR, located in the depths of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Flint originally designed the FLFJTPM to be worn like a pair of trousers, but Sam suggested it be worn as a hat. Its design is reminiscent of the FLDSMDFR, being made from a colander, a mug, and old electronic equipment.

Super Simian Soaping Dirty Monkey Scrubbing Hygenifying Robot (SSSDMSHR)[]

This robot appears in the short Steve's First Bath as a solution to Steve's lack of hygiene while Flint prepares for his date with Sam.