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Flint Land is the 47th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 99th episode overall.


Flint thinks his new series of interactive science exhibits is truly making a difference, but he's actually just created a bunch of carnival rides.


During art class, Sam sculpts a cloud while Flint paints scientific theories on a canvas. His idea is to invent something to finally make Swallow Falls appreciate science.

He reveals his Molecular Simulator to Sam, but reveals a bouncy castle. Brent immediately joins Sam in the bouncy castle, and Flint is happy to learn Brent has an interest in science. Sam wants to tell Flint the truth while Brent wants the fun to continue. Brent manages to convince Sam that Flint has been lying to her about how much he likes her artwork.

Gil, who has been tracking Sam's location, joins her and Brent as Flint reveals his Osmosis Chamber (a ball pit with a net). Sam still wants to tell Flint the truth but Gil convinces her that Flint secretly thinks her weather reports are boring.

Flint invites the whole town to see his unveiling of an invention that demonstrates Newton's Third Law, which turns out to be bumper cars. Old Rick once again convinces Sam not to ruin the fun by convincing her that Flint doesn't like her hair. Later that night, Tim emerges from the house and asks Flint why there's a carnival in the backyard. Brent walks past and tells Flint this is the best carnival ever (before kissing both Tim and Flint dramatically), and Flint realizes the truth. Flint asks Sam why she didn't tell him and Sam confronts him about how much he dislikes her cloud artwork and hair, to which Flint asks why she believed Gil, Brent, and Old Rick. Sam apologizes and Flint pulls the plug.

The next morning, Flint is gloomy about his failure to get people excited about science - but when Earl asks about Newton's Third Law, the entire class recites it perfectly. Flint creates another carnival in his backyard and this time doesn't take it as seriously. Tim even joins the fun!