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Flint's Lab is the elevated, private workspace for Flint Lockwood where he works on his inventions and scientific research. Its unique, curving silhouette stands out against the square, repetitive shapes of the rest of Swallow Falls, echoing Flint's tendency to stick out like a sore thumb. It is accessed through an elevator within a Port-a-Dump portable toilet, which ascends into a repurposed school bus, then past a curtain designed to look like a vault door with a biometric hand scanner. The "scanner" was made from a Milton-Bradley Simon electronic memory game.

Within the lab, there is a computer in the middle of the room with multiple monitors, a large array of buttons and controls on a wall that can be pressed by a robotic arm, and various areas for experimentation and development, such as a nano mutation chamber and a garage for the Flying Car II.

If the world Flint grew up in were as contemporary as our own, he could just order things from the Internet. Instead, Flint is forced to be inventive and find creative solutions to the massive computational efforts that he undertakes in his lab.
— Production Designer Justin K. Thompson


Flint's lab began as a small treehouse in his parents' backyard. As Flint grew up, it became a water tower-like structure, with supplies and defunct inventions littering the backyard outside the entrance. Flint has used his own self-taught brilliance to creatively repurpose the early '80s-style technology found within the town for his inventions.

The lab is lit with a blue light, giving it a mysterious and cold feel, until Sam enters and the environment becomes warmer.

When the dam protecting Swallow Falls from the mountain of leftovers failed and broke, the lab was toppled over by the avalanche of food. As the town quickly grew into a Foodimal Jungle, vines suspended Flint's lab upside-down in midair, with stagnant electrified water preventing access to supplies and equipment.



  • Flint's motivational posters feature Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Philo Farnsworth, Vance LaFleur, science posters and magazine covers, and a picture of himself he drew as a child which says "Best Inventor Ever."
  • Flint's motivational posters were originally placed in his room.
  • Flint's lab has 62,233 buttons.[1]