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Flint's Fabulous Future is the 50th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 102th episode overall.


Flint creates a machine that predicts a person's future occupation, and is surprised by his own result.


In class, Flint reveals the Flint Lockwood Occupational Brainascope (FLOB). All one needs to do is shake the invention's hand and it will show them 10 years in the future. Earl's future shows him as a cop, Sam's future shows her sans glasses and ponytail as an unpaid intern for the Weather News Network, and Brent's future shows him as a sign twirler in San Franjose. Gil's future is nothing but static, which he interprets as "endless mayoral opportunities" before coughing profusely. Flint's future, however, shows him as a cook at Sardinees.

Flint complains to his dad about his future at Sardinees, but Tim assures him that the diner is a good place to work, and that Uncle Jim works there. Flint realizes that most great inventions happened by happenstance and that he'd likely come up with an invention working at Sardinees. He decides to start right away.

Brenda hires Flint and immediately fires Jim, and Flint immediately takes notes, absorbing everything there is to know about his new job. However, he quickly gets bored and begins to daydream about his future as an inventor with humble beginnings.

Flint is too distracted as a dishwasher, can't remember orders as a cook, and Flint is quickly overwhelmed with unreasonable requests from customers as a cashier. Flint quits and heads back to his lab, where Sam tells him to try the FLOB one more time.

This time, Flint gets a better view of his future. Sardinees goes out of business once the world realizes sardines are disgusting. Flint flips a burger that sticks to the ceiling, and Brenda comments that it's more likely food would fall from the sky than anyone would like sardines again. This inspires Flint to create a new invention, and he rushes out of the store.

Flint shakes hands with the FLOB one last time and it shows clips from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


  • This episode entirely retcons Flint's inspiration for the FLDSMDFR by showing food raining from the sky as an intentional design choice rather than an accident.