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Flint's Biggest Flup is the 52th episode and the final episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint and Sam move to the other side of the island to take up an inventing-free life.


In his lab, Flint reveals the Flint Lockwood Universal Plentifier (FLUP), which he and Sam agree is his greatest invention ever. The townspeople love it as well - but they each use the FLUP for different purposes instead of its intended purpose. Flint considers this his biggest failure and gives up inventing, moving out to the countryside with Sam.


Missy with her donkey.

There, they meet Mayor Shelbourne's sister Missy, who shares how ever since they were kids, the mayor would take Missy's things. Missy invites the two of them to her thistle farm, and is impressed with the simple tools Flint has brought along, like a spoon and toilet paper. She recognizes Flint's FLUP as a universal plentifier, and plans to use it for revenge against her brother.

Flint arrives just in time to see Missy raining thistles on the town. He invents a Vacuum Factory to can sardines and thistles together, which the mayor promptly takes credit for. Unfortunately, he forgot to add an "off" switch, so the invention sucks up the whole universe.


  • The episode image is a reference to Spider-Man's iconic "Spider-Man No More" scene in both the comics and Spider-Man 2.