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Fizzy Fish is the 21st episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 73rd episode in the series overall. This debuts 12 May 2018 before FLUBER on YTV.


When the Fizzy Fish soda corporation takes over Cannery High, Flint and Sam take their protest right to the top.


Fizzy Fish ads overrun Cannery High, from advertising during Sam's news broadcasts to changes in curriculum to incorporate Fizzy Fish ads into math and art classes. When science is affected, Flint agrees with Sam that the problem is out of control.

Rebel Tim Lockwood

The two of them go to Tim Lockwood for advice, and he tells them to stand up for what they believe in. In his youth, Tim was a rebel himself, fishing in "No Fishing" zones on the docks.

Flint and Sam protest Fizzy Fish with picket signs. The mayor explains that Fizzy Fish pays for the books and walls in the school since the city (also run by the mayor) doesn't give the school enough funds. The mayor gives the two of them the runaround, directing them to speak with various directors and presidents (who are all the mayor).

The CEO of the canning company Cannery Cans (who is also the mayor) tells Flint and Sam that the profitability of Fizzy Fish is tied to popularity with the public, Sam and Flint nearly give up. However, Tim tries Fizzy Fish and asserts that the claim the drink is "100% sardine juice" is instead minnow juice.

The town rejects the soda, and Mayor Shelbourne forces Gil to drink the remaining beverages.


  • The Sardemon appears briefly during Sam and Flint's protest.