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Fisherman Sam is the 38th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 90th episode overall.


Sam starts hanging out with a gang of gruff fishermen to get to the bottom of their uncanny ability to predict the weather.


Sam easily avoids Baby Brent's prank, and explains that the town is too predictable, especially with her skills as a meteorologist. She walks past a group of fishermen at the docks, who predict rain based on an old rhyme. Sam scoffs at the idea that a rhyme can predict the weather, but just as predicted, it begins to rain.

Sam is intrigued by the unpredictability of the three men, so she decides to investigate further. Flint wants to join Sam, but she tells him the fishermen aren't particularly fond of Flint (due to several mishaps with his inventions interfering with their fishing trips).

Sam spends the day with the fishermen, and all of their predictions come true. Sam becomes so enraptured with the unpredictable way they predict the weather, that she even tells Flint that she doesn't plan on attending the launch of his new invention because "science is too predictable."

Flint finds Sam with the fishermen and tells her how much it hurt that she didn't attend the launch of the invention he made for her. The fishermen become hostile to Flint, who complains that he only destroyed their boats twelve times. Sam assures Flint that they'll always be friends but that she wants to spend more time with her new fishermen friends Fred, Ted, and Bill.

Flint asks his dad for advice, and after several grunts and a fishing metaphor, Tim tells Flint to go after Sam. Out on the boat, Sam notices incoming storm clouds and asks the men if they have a rhyme about it. Bill laments that there's not enough signal for him to use his weather app, and Ted admits he uses a rhyming app to create the poems. As the storm picks up, Flint arrives and tries to use rhymes to tell Sam to come back with him. The fishermen make Sam choose between them and Flint, and Sam jumps into the dinghy with Flint. Flint's Storm Avoider invention surrounds the two with a bubble and ensures their safe return to shore.

Predictably, Flint can't turn the invention off, so Sam rolls the bubble down the street and past the fishermen, whose boat was flung by the storm into a tree.