"FLUBER" is the twenty-second episode of Season 2, and the seventy-fourth episode of the series.


Flint revolutionizes transportation in Swallow Falls by harnessing the power of ratbirds.


  • Hector Evilman appears in this episode as an antagonist. The other times was "Inventor Only", "Coat of Harms", and "Inventor Code".
  • There is only one bus on swallow falls. It is used for Food Truck, Ambulance, Prison Transport, Track Racer, Party Wagon, Helicopter, Traffic Report, School Bus and everything.
  • "FLUBER" is a parody of Uber
  • The Sardemon appears in this episode

Inventions in this episode

  • Pickle in the Can
  • Hat in the Can
  • Pork in the can
  • Pants in the can
  • Raft in the Can
  • Snack in the Can
  • Flint Lockwood Commuter Cannon
  • Hector Evilman Toaster Coaster (Hector)
  • Flint Lockwood Individual Bubble Transport System
  • Hector Evilman plane boat (Hector)
  • Flint Lockwood Universal Bird Rider or "FLUBER"
  • Evil Rat Bird Taxi (Hector)


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