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"FLUBER" is the 22nd episode of Season 2, and the 74th episode of the series.


Flint revolutionizes transportation in Swallow Falls by harnessing the power of ratbirds.


On the way to school on the school bus, Sam asks Flint for a snack. When he accidentally gives her a Raft in a Can, it inflates and causes the bus to crash. The mayor laments that the bus was the only one on the island, and was used for everything: Food Truck, Ambulance, Prison Transport, Track Racer, Party Wagon, Helicopter, Traffic Report, and School Bus.

When the disabled and elderly chastise Flint for forcing them to walk, Flint suggests buying a new bus. Hector Shelbourne insists on inventing something better than the bus, and Flint tells him that it's his responsibility to invent new transportation since he was the one who broke the bus. The two argue about who would invent the new transportation and the Mayor tells them they're free to invent whatever doesn't cost the mayor money.

Flint's first idea is for a cannon, which catapults Brent into the ocean. Hector invents a Toaster Coaster, which is a toaster on an inclined plane. Flint's bubble transport suffocates Brent, Hector's Land Boat doesn't move, and Flint finally settles on Ratbirds carrying passengers, which he called the Flint Lockwood Universal Bird Rider (FLUBER).

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Flint mind-controls the Ratbirds to carry people to their destinations. FLUBER starts off as a resounding success, and the mayor plans to buy a three-piece suit with the money he saved on the bus. However, a jealous Hector creates an evil FLUBER and interferes with the Ratbirds, which drop people into the ocean or quicksand.

Flint chases Hector with FLUBER, and Sam tells him to throw his Snacks in a Can into Hector's evil FLUBER control helmet. The Ratbirds swarm Hector, who runs into the statue of Sal the Sardine. The mayor decides to buy a new bus anyway because of the Ratbird poop all over town.