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Einstein's Moustache is the 1st episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series. It is the 53rd episode in the series overall.


Gil finds Flint's most prized possession, Einstein's moustache, and he starts wearing it.


 The episode begins with Flint and Sam meeting up at Cannery High. Flint shows Sam a mysterious box, saying it is the most prized possession a scientist could ever have. Sam asks what's in it, but Flint says that it'll be revealed in Show & Share. Meanwhile in the school, Principal Shelbourne rejects Gil's attempts to hold his hand and tells him Principal Shinegold, the leader of the Principals Club, is coming to their school. Shelbourne yearns to join the club and earn the golden mug of acceptance.

In class, Flint cuts off Earl's storytime and jumps straight into Show & Share. He opens the box and reveals Einstein's moustache! Brent makes fun of Flint's nerdiness, but Sam tries to cheer Flint up. Brent then slaps the box out of Flint's hand, causing the moustache to be blown out the window.

Outside of the school, Gil tries out a new professional tie, hoping it would earn his father's love. As he does so, the moustache lands on Gil's face, causing him to panic and ram into his father on accident. Shelbourne mistakes the mustachioed Gil for Shinegold and tells Gil that he has his undivided attention for the rest of the day.

Gil excitedly keeps up the act until he notices the real Shinegold showing up to the school. Gil disrupts his dad by saying there is a novelty check with his name on it. As Shelbourne is distracted, Gil grabs Shinegold and runs into the school. Brent is at his locker, locking away his used daiper. Brent closes his locker only for it to be slightly open, Gil uses that opportunity to lock Shinegold into the locker and take his golden mug of acceptance. Gil thanks the moustache for allowing his father to finally love him.

 Shelbourne shows his son around, still thinking he is Shinegold with the moustache and tie. Gil tries to explain how to get the coveted mug of acceptance, only for Shelbourne to snap and try to take the mug by force. This knocks off Gil's moustache, but Shelbourne neatly places it back on him, still oblivious to who he really is. Gil keeps up the charade by teaching him a secret handshake, which tricks Shelbourne into holding Gil's hand.

Flint frantically searches for Einstein's moustache before noticing the moustache on Gil's face. Flint tries to tear off the moustache off of Gil's face, which causes Shelbourne to call to his son for security. Gil vanishes to get into his outfit and bursts open the cafeteria door, keeping the moustache at hand. Shelbourne tells Gil to send Flint to detention, in which Gil obliges. Gil refuses to give Flint the moustache, claiming "finders, keepers." The real Shinegold continues to bang on the locker for help, to which Shelbourne calls out for him, unaware the real one is in the locker.

Gil places Flint on a trashcan and tells him to stay away from him and his dad. Gil removes his uniform and place the moustache back on his face. Shelbourne then sees "Shinegold", apologizing for the behavior and promising to increase security. Gil then proceeds to show how security is done in the Principals Club, which is really just him hugging his dad.

Flint invents the Flint Lockwood Moustache Retriever Drone, or FLMRD, to try and retrieve the moustache during gym class. The FLMRD tries to grab Gil's moustache, only for it to grab a squirrel instead. Gil panics and takes his dad to another place to get away from Flint. At the park, Flint uses a plunger gun invention to get the moustache. It successfully grabs Gil and his moustache. Flint grabs the moustache and says it's finally safe with him. Gil pleads with Flint, saying that his dad had never treated him as well as he did now. Flint reluctantly gives Gil the moustache, while Sam implores Gil to stop pretending to be Shinegold and tell his dad the truth.

 Back at the school, Shelbourne is giving Gil a piggy-back ride, still unaware that he is his son. Gil says that he is ready to be a show-in for the Principals Club, which reminds Shelbourne about the golden mug of acceptance. Gil says that he needs to answer one more question, and it is about how well he relates to children. Hopping off of his father's back, he pulls out the mug and asks Shelbourne about his son. Shelbourne then ironically says that he isn't annoying, needy, or repeats everything he says. Gil then says that he can't get into the Principals Club, but can get into the Dad's Club, in which he tears off the moustache and reveals to his dad that it was him all along. Shelbourne then immediately regrets all the things he did with Gil while he was oblivious, he asks where the real Shinegold is. Shinegold finally breaks free from Brent's locker, taking the mug from Gil's hand and prohibiting Shelbourne from joining the club.

Shelbourne shakes his son violently, angry that he didn't get into the club. This causes Gil's moustache to float off and land on Flint's face. Shinegold sees Flint and is intrigued by the moustache, saying that he could be perfect for the Principals Club. Shelbourne cries, but Gil offers him a Dads Club mug.