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Earl of My Dreams is the 32nd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.

Debuted August 6 after Coat of Harms.


When Flint gets Earl in trouble with his wife, Earl demands Flint help him get back into her good graces.


At school, Flint enjoys his Sloppy Sardines while Sam unpacks her packed lunch. When Sam realizes she forgot ketchup for her fries, Flint offers his own secret-ingredient ketchup, which Earl quickly confiscates and decides to shake vigorously before applying it to his meal. Unfortunately, the secret ingredient is exploding bubbles, so the ketchup explodes (and drenches Gil, who is ketchup intolerant).

In detention, Flint is told to write correct grammatical sentences a thousand times while Earl recites rules of grammar. The detention takes so long, Earl is late to a date with his wife. Regina scolds Earl for using Flint as an excuse for missing every major accomplishment in Regina's life, including almost missing the birth of his own son.

Earl blames Flint for his wife's ire, and gives him another day of detention based on petty grievances. Flint suggests that in order to make it up to his wife, Earl should spend more time with her than with him in detention. Flint suggests that he is a "ladies' man" and offers to help, and Earl (after laughing for several hours) agrees.

Flint asks Sam what women like to talk about, but she can't think of anything besides weather, so the two of them watch Manny's guide to talking to ladies. The first piece of advice is to appeal to her sense of smell, so Sam and Flint decide to implement their plan while Steve watches the rest of the guide.

Flint gives Earl a cologne with a scent derived from all of nature's most fragrant flowers. Unfortunately, the scent attracts bees, so Earl's attempts to talk to Regina, while she (and baby Cal) fix the family car, end in disaster.

Manny's next suggestion is to make a lady laugh, so while Regina cares for Old Rick, Earl arrives dressed as a clown - which puts Rick into cardiac arrest. The next advice is to sweep her off her feet. While Regina trains for the Iron-Woman-Judo-Box-Athalon, Flint straps a rocket to Earl, causing him to literally sweep Regina off her feet.

Earl explodes in a fit of rage, verbally lambasting Flint. Regina is wooed by Earl's "verbal dexterity" and the two of them rekindle their relationship - while putting Flint and Sam in deep detention.