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Earl of My Dreams is the 32nd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.

Debuted August 6 after Coat of Harms.


When Flint gets Earl in trouble with his wife, Earl demands Flint help him get back into her good graces.

Inventions in this episode

  • Choky Chocolate Ketchup 
  • Cat food Ketchup 
  • Sardine Ketchup  
  • Mustard-flavored Ketchup 
  • Powder Ketchup 
  • Flint Lockwood Secret Ingredient Ketchup or FLSIK 
  • Octo pen 
  • Light bulb Underwear (Unnamed) 
  • Enticing Cologne (Unnamed) 
  • Sweeping Jet pack (Unnamed) 

Memorable Quote

Flint: I know, i know, but, i was facing an infinity detention. So what do girl like to talk about?

(Sam thinks, then tries to speak)

Flint: and don't say weather

Sam: I wasn't going to even though some women find weather very interesting. Let's see what else, ummm, how's about Doppler radar?

Flint: That's weather.

Sam: Hmm, maybe a recent shift between Cumulus and Nimbus Clouds?

Flint: Still, clearly weather.

Sam: Okay! i have no idea. We need to ask an expert.


  • Gil is Ketchup intolerance.