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Earl Scouts is a short film exclusive, where Officer Earl tries to put a Strawberry and a Pickle on a survival of the fittest.


Earl begins by introducing himself and asks the viewer if they've ever been camping with a strawberry and a pickle. He recounts a tale of the two Foodimals going camping in a short he animated in "beautiful 2D to illustrate the perils of camping."

In the Foodimal Jungle, Earl is briefing Strawberry and Pickle about what it means to be an Earl Scout: survival of the fittest. If the two of them survive, they get a badge. Phrases like "survival of the fittest" and "kill or be killed" cause the two Foodimals to distrust each other and hatch plots to eliminate the other.

Strawberry lulls Pickle to sleep with a lullaby, then carries him up a steep rock face and places him in a Ratbird's nest. The Ratbird accepts Pickle as one of its own children and regurgitates food into Pickle's mouth before attempting to teach him to fly. Pickle plummets to the ground.

While Strawberry is fishing, Pickle draws a line in the ground between the two camps and begins to fish. Unfortunately, the Port-a-Potty is on Pickle's side, and Strawberry insists he needs to go (indicating he needs to do a "Number 4," which Pickle interprets to be extreme). Strawberry makes flatulent noises using his armpit, then sneaks out the back and dives underwater. He pulls Pickle's hook and lure to a Grizzly Pear den and ties the line to the Foodimal's toe. Unfortunately, it is revealed that Strawberry tied the wrong line - Pickle catches a fish while Strawberry reels in the angry Grizzly Pear.

Pickle cuts the line to a rope bridge, which causes the ground on the opposite side to collapse. Strawberry dresses as a fly and tries to drop a boulder on Pickle, only to be swatted by a giant flyswatter. The two sharpen blades and shave their beard stubble, rushing at each other until they both spot a box of Earl Scout cookies. A Ratbird takes off with the box, leaving one cookie, which Strawberry unevenly divides into two pieces before the Grizzly Pear appears and eats both pieces. The opposing Foodimals launch themselves with a catapult onto an erupting volcano, landing in front of Earl.

Earl congratulates them for surviving the elements using friendship and rewards them with a Friendship Badge made of two interlocking pieces. He sings a ditty about the Earl Scouts before Pickle and Strawberry are squashed by the boulder from the catapult.

Back in 3D, Earl jokes that he got some fresh relish and jam from the debacle, before the camera zooms out to reveal Pickle and Strawberry alive and well.


"Moments like this always make my eyes sweaty." --Earl Devereaux