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Earl Devereaux is a Swallow Falls policeman and a thorn in Flint's side in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He is Cal Devereaux's father and Regina Devereaux's husband.

Earl Devereaux is way more cop than the quiet town of Swallow Falls really needs, except when Flint's inventions get out of control.
— The Art and Making of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Earl is a tall and very muscular cop who is incredibly athletic and well built. He has brown skin as well as brown eyes and dark hair, including a mustache and beard.


Earl is a very athletic and overprotective man whose passion for his job is often excessive, tackling jaywalkers and nimbly leaping into action at the slightest sign of trouble (which he can sense through the tingling of his chest hairs). He often catches Flint Lockwood in the middle of potentially dangerous experiments or suspicious activity, creating a tense relationship between them.

He cares about the safety of the people of Swallow Falls and has a strong moral compass. He takes his share of blame for the food storms, admitting that he didn't even protect his own son during the storms, and organizes an evacuation.

Despite his boisterous devotion to policing Swallow Falls, he is also a caring and loving family man who is willing to do anything for his wife and son. He tells his son Cal that he loves him on a daily basis, even swallowing his pride and reaching out to Flint to request Cal's favorite food for his birthday (ice cream). His relationship with his son serves as a lesson for parents, to learn the value of discipline and limitations when raising a child.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Earl appears as a minor antagonist early on in the movie. Flint's history of invention mishaps has made Earl skeptical of Flint. Earl attempts to arrest Flint after the wayward FLDSMDFR destroyed Sardine Land, but Mayor Shelbourne insisted Flint be released in order to continue making food rain from the sky. Earl begrudgingly comes to appreciate the good the FLDSMDFR has done for the town, even asking Flint if could make it snow ice cream for his son's birthday.

Earl allows Cal to indulge in Flint's wondrous food weather, but learns the danger of allowing such indulgences when Cal eats too much junk food at the grand reopening of Chewandswallow and goes into a food coma. He realizes that by being complacent and greedy in their desire for the delicious food, he and the rest of the town were as much to blame for the disaster as Flint. He trusts Flint to fix his invention's mistakes, and helps the townspeople evacuate by helping them build boats made of sandwiches.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

When Chester V insists on relocating the residents of Swallow Falls during the cleanup effort, Earl is the first to speak up and insist that the residents stay home. However, he respects the sanctity of yellow police tape and reluctantly agrees to Chester's plan.

Earl's employment at Ms. Crumblymuffin's cupcake shop in San Franjose makes it very clear that while Flint is living his dream working for Live Corp, the rest of the relocated residents are not necessarily adjusting as well. He immediately leaps at the chance to return to Swallow Falls ("I'm not a barista! I'm a police-ta!") and assumes the role of protector of the group.

When Flint and the gang find the watering hole of Foodimals, Earl tries to maintain a facade of stoic manliness by saying "it's enough to make a grown man cry. But not this man! Get back in there, tear!"

The arrival of the Sentinels of Safety makes Earl's role as protector redundant, leaving him on the sidelines, unsure of his purpose. So it is no surprise he stands with Sam when she confronts Flint about turning away from his friends in his hero worship of Chester. However, he is still skeptical about the foodimals, warning Sam that petting a Cheespider is "foodicide," until it's revealed that the Cheespider is just a large, meaty sweetheart.

Earl and the others are kidnapped by Sentinels of Safety and tied up with yellow police tape, which Earl cannot break. When Flint (with the help of Steve) rescues the gang, Earl joins the horde of Foodimals and helps reclaim the FLDSMDFR. This time, upon restoring the FLDSMDFR, he repeats his line from earlier: "It's enough to make a grown man cry." But this time, he recognizes that it's okay to show strong emotions, allowing himself to cry tears of joy.


  • Earl was originally intended to be a gym coach who was also a volunteer policeman.
  • Earl's danger-sensing chest hair is reminiscent of Spider-Man's "spider sense."
  • Yellow police tape is to Earl what Kryptonite is to Superman.
  • When his tear fell on a blueberry, it gave the blueberry muscles and chest hair.
  • Earl rapidly running towards Flint Lockwood became a meme recently as of April 2, 2019. The meme was described as "Officer Earl Running" from a Know Your Meme page.
  • Earl's haircut was designed to be the opposite hairdo of his voice actor Mr. T.

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