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Dance Fish Move Dance is the fifth episode of the second season in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series. It is the 57th episode in the series overall, and it precedes Sonny With a Chance of Disappointment, which are both debuted on YTV on April 14, 2018.


Mayor Shelbourne suffers a crisis of leadership when Flint beats his high score on the arcade's most difficult game.


Sam beats Flint at a game of bowling, while Flint says he doesn't see the point in "extreme sports." He also considers video games and arcade games "mindless" until he sees Brent playing one, where Flint easily uses his pattern recognition skills to get a high score. He tops the leaderboard of every arcade game until Brent unveils Dance Fish Move Dance, where Flint's lack of coordination leads him to lose badly.

He returns to his lab and uses the Fibonacci sequence to figure out the math behind getting a high score, before returning to the arcades and finally pushing the previous winner, L.O.G, off the top spot and entering his own name as FNT. Suddenly, an alarm occurs and Mayor Shelbourne is panicked to see the cause of the score. During this sequence, he reveals himself to be the L.O.G (Lord of the Game) and tries to regain his throne, but instead fails to beat Flint's score. The mayor invites Flint to his office and tells him that being #1 at everything is so important to his self-esteem that the whole town would collapse if he doesn't get first place in Dance Fish Move Dance.

The town begins to collapse as the mayor becomes apathetic about everything. When the mayor still can't beat Flint's score, Sam tells Flint to beat his own score and let the mayor enter his name to put himself at the top of the leaderboard again. As a result, the mayor accepts this deal and the town hails him as #1 again. It is presumed that the town would've started to restore everything to its former beauty before the collapse occurred.


  • Dance Fish Move Dance references popular dance arcade machines such as Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, StepMania, and Pump It Up.
  • The arcade in Swallow Falls features a version of Donkey Kong featuring Sal the Sardine as DK, and a version of Space Invaders featuring sardines instead of aliens.
  • Shelbourne's dance outfit from My Pop Is Tops makes a return in this episode.


"Listen Lockwood, I can't be number two at anything, my sense of self-worth would disappear faster than Gil's college funds." --Mayor Shelbourne