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"Coat of Harms" is the 31st episode of Season 1 of Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.


Sam makes Flint a new tricked-out labcoat to replace his old smelly one, not realizing it was a gift from his mother.


Hector Shelbourne is watching Sam broadcast about Flint's latest invention, declaring that the "Flint Lockwood Super Stinky Cheese Sprinkler Sprayer" is too long a name, while its acronym, FLSSCSS, is perfect. Hector wonders how Flint gets all his ideas, and as the credits roll (with Manny fulfilling almost every role), Flint tells Sam he gets inspiration from his lab coat.

At the lab, Sam surprises Flint with a sparkly pink lab coat she made herself. Not wanting to disappoint Sam, Flint tries it on while Sam discreetly disposes of Flint's smelly lab coat, which Hector takes from the trash.

Sam convinces Flint to try and come up with new inventions, but all his ideas are uninspired and cause Flint considerable pain. Flint finally tells Sam that his lab coat was a gift from his mom when he was 8, and that it was a way for him to keep a part of her around. Sam admits she threw his coat in the garbage, and Flint rushes back home only to find that the trash is empty and his lab coat is gone. Fortunately, Hector walks by wearing Flint's coat, and reveals that he's been inspired to create inventions of his own.

Flint admits that he dislikes how Sam's homemade lab coat looks, smells, and feels, so the two of them put on an elaborate smoke-and-lasers show to convince Hector that Flint's uninspired ideas actually came from the future. Hector falls for it and steals the handmade lab coat, returning Flint's coat.

Sam gives Flint's lab coat a wash based on instructions in the pocket Flint never bothered to read. Hector then bursts through the wall, announcing he had invented a Time Cannon with his new lab coat.