Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is a Nintendo DS/3DS game published by GameMill Entertainment and was released on September 24, 2013.


The gameplay is similar to Fruit Ninja, where players swipe the touch screen with a stylus to slice notes, food, and other collectibles. The top screen of the DS shows the food, while the bottom screen shows shadowy silhouettes of the food to be sliced. Hazards are colored red, while bonuses are colored blue.

Some levels require the player to reach a certain number of points or slice a specified number of a specific type of food, while others have a "three-strike rule" where if players hit a hazard or miss a piece of food, it will give them a strike, and if they miss three times, the game ends.

Sometimes food will appear with an arrow on it. Swiping in the direction of the arrow will give a bigger score. This arrow is not visible on the bottom screen. Certain foods, like onions, will break into smaller food when sliced and must be sliced again. Other foods will take multiple slices to break. Star fruit will hover in the center of the screen for a few moments, allowing the player to slice it multiple times.


  • Cloudy Screen - blocks a portion of the top screen with a cheese splat
  • Time Penalty - knocks off a bit of time from the timer
  • Flaming Marshmallow - Instant game over
  • Score Reducer - lowers the player's score

Story Mode

There are six locations, with six levels per location.

Challenge Mode

  • Classic - slice as many meatballs as possible
  • Gummy Fever - slice the gummy bear with the color shown at the top of the screen
  • Barry Dash - slice as many Sentinels of Safety as possible. If you miss, Sentinels will stay at the bottom of the screen and approach Barry, attacking him
  • Sardine Snack - slice as many sardines as possible without getting three strikes. Similar to Classic, but faster


In Flint's lab, you can view inventions, foodimals, and other collectibles.


Inventions can be created by collecting invention parts such as buttons, wires, and paint. Once enough of each type of invention part is collected, there is a minigame where the player must slice the correct invention type in order to create the invention. Each invention provides its own power-up and can be upgraded by further collecting invention parts.


Foodimals in a level will have a bar over their head. Collecting glowing Live Corp vests will fill the bar, and once the bar is fully filled, that foodimal will unlock. Levels can be replayed to finish filling bars. Unlocking Foodimals will simply show an animated sprite of the foodimal, that does a different animation when tapping it.



The extras change the voice lines for achievements and failures as well as change the background to images of the different characters.

  • Watermelophant - Changes the background to a variety of foodimals. Flint's voice lines are used
  • Flint (Unlocked by playing Live Corp levels)
  • Sam (Unlocked by playing Sardine Circle levels)
  • Manny (Unlocked by playing Salsa River levels)
  • Brent (Unlocked by playing Pickle Village levels)
  • Earl (Unlocked by playing Breakfast Bog levels)
  • Chester V (Unlocked by playing Big Rock Candy Mountain levels)
  • Meatball (Unlocked by playing Classic Mode) - Flint's voice lines are used
  • Steve (Unlocked by playing Gummy Fever)
  • Barry (Unlocked by playing Barry Dash)
  • Tim Lockwood (Unlocked by playing Sardine Snack)