Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki

Act I: When Good Food Goes Bad[]

It was a dark time for Swallow Falls. Nobody came, nobody went, and nobody cared. I created the FLDSMDFR, or Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator, and food began to rain from the sky. For a time, it seemed like a great idea. Everyone was amazed and the island became famous. But then, things began to go bad...

Ice Cream Tundra
PC Cal: Hey, dude, it's me, Cal. My buds got trapped by burning chili in the middle of an ice cream blizzard.

Flint: I'm on it Cal.

Cal: They said it's urgent. I think they just wanna get out so they can fill their faces with ice cream.

Flint: I'd better find 'em just in case.

Flint: Big floaty waffles, perfect!

Cal: Hey dude, hate to be the fly in your dessert, but what's keepin' ya?

Flint: There's kind of a lot of chili, Cal! Gotta circumnavigate!

Cal: Yeah. Definitely do that.

Cal: Flint, ya gotta clear that Chili. They're gonna croak from the fumes!

Flint: I'm on it!

Kid 1: Death by chili...

Kid 2: Can't imagine anything worse.

Kid 1: Seriously, we gotta get down.

Kid 2: Yeah, we got a piano lesson!

Kid 1: I'm dizzy...

Kid 2: We're losing consciousness!

Kid 1: You rock, Flint!

Kid 2: Seriously!

PSP Cal: It's me, Cal. My best buds are getting biffed by an Ice Cream Snowman! Hurry, Flint. This guy's only got one flavor: mean.

Flint: I'm only doing this to show you snowmen can't come to life.

Cal: There they are! Can you reach them?

Flint: Sentient food? That's impossible!

Kid 1: Flint, we're being slammed by softserve!

Kid 2: Hurry, I bruise easily!

Kid 1: Flint rocks!

Cal: You're one cool science dude, Flint!

Italian Street Fair
PC Earl: Flint Lockwood! Officer Earl here. There's trouble at the Italian Street Fair. Capisci?

Flint: I capisci completely. On my way!

Earl: You'll notice the streets are empty... cuz it's full of your gi-normous food!

Flint: I see your point, sir. I'm heading your way now.

Man: I love these furniture-sized sausages!

Woman: Leave some for the other guests, dear.

Earl: Those nettypeckin' Ratbirds just took over the block! They're flyin' off with our paying customers!

Flint: Ooh, the Mayor will not like this...

Flint: There's an old sardine canner! The ratbirds love sardines... maybe we can fool them!

Earl: Fill that canner, Lockwood! Make it CAN!

Earl: You got us into this mess Flint Lockwood, but you're also the only one smart enough to get us out.

Flint: Thank you sir. I think.

PSP Earl: Officer Earl here. Lockwood, there's trouble at the Italian Street Fair! Ratbirds scared off the people! Get up here, now! Your Ratbirds want sardines, but the cannery is empty!

Flint: I'll have to fill it up with Watermelons... maybe it'll fool them! Ratbirds fooled!

Earl: Flint Lockwood, you got luck like onions got stink!

Flint: Thank you sir. I think.

Road to Jelly Castle
PC Sam: Flint! It's me. People want to see your Jelly Castle, but the giant broccoli it's kinda killing the experience.

Flint: Sorry, Sam. I'm coming...

Sam: It's worse than I thought Flint, hurry!

Flint: I've always distrusted broccoli!

Woman 1: What kinda castle tour is this?

Flint: It's okay! I 've got our top guy on the problem!

Man 1: Wow, he looked like your dentist.

Woman 1: Hooray! The dentist saved us!

Flint: I'm not a dentist! This is a lab coat!

Man 1: See, it's a lab coat!

Sam: Flint! There's a pack of bears on the rampage! Be careful!

Flint: Bad food... bad!

Man 2: Do we have to wait longer?

Man 2: Is the Jelly Castle far away?

Woman 2: Yes, as long as this giant broccoli's blocking us.

Sam: Keep working Flint! There is still some blocking broccoli to destroy!

Man 2: Maybe we can go through the Broccoli by eating it?

Woman 2: I think it's a little bit too big for you!

Sam: Nice work, Flint! I'll see you in the Castle when you have some time.

Flint: Yeah, like a date? Er... or not... um gotta go!

PSP Sam: Flint! Giant Broccoli is terrorizing the road to the Jelly Castle.

Joe Towne: Thank you, Mr. Dentist!

Flint: I'm not a dentist! This is a LAB COAT!

Woman: Thanks, Mr. Lockwood!

Sam: You were perfect, Flint...!

Restaurant Row
PC Mayor: Mayor calling, Flint! The Roofless restaurant is empty! It's these flesh-eating bears!

Flint: Ah, those. Be right there, sir.

Mayor: Hurry, Flint. When they eat the customers it spoils my appetite!

Flint: Hate to ruin your appetite, sir. They'll be gone in a flash.

Mayor: Did you see those giant steaks? The customers are gonna love this... if they survive those dangblootin' bears!

Flint: The restaurant is right up there!

Mayor: Get 'em Flint! Before they get us all!

Mayor: Behind you! No! In front of you! They're over there! It's a plague, run for the hills!

Mayor: Last one, Flint! He's the last obstacle toward MY, I mean OUR success!

Mayor: Bears? Just a fluke, I'm sure. That FLDSMDFR of yours is the best thing that ever happened to us!

PSP Mayor: Flint, It's the Mayor! These bedeviling Cream Puffs are ruining my restaurant! Save me! I've been cornered by Puffs! We make a good team, Lockwood. Hey, I had a few suggestions for dinner...

Flint: I'm not sure we should order more food when it's attacking us, sir.

Mayor: Guess someone won't be cutting the ribbon at the next town ceremony.

Bait Shop Boulevard
PC Tim: Hey, Flint. It's your Dad. When you get a sec, come by the Bait Shop for a little talk, okay?

Flint: Sure, Dad.

Tim: Hello?

Flint: I'm just up the road, Dad. Be at the bait shop in a nano-sec.

Flint: Chili too? I gotta get to the shop for cover!

Tim: Hurry son, or those meatballs are gonna turn you into a pancake! If these meatballs get any worse, Flint, this is gonna end in disaster!

Flint: I know, Dad. I'm trying.

Tim: Son, sometimes it's better to dock the ship than fight the storm. It's time to turn off that food thing of yours.

Flint: But Dad, it's my coolest invention ever!

PSP Tim: Flint, it's your Dad. Come by the Bait Shop for a little talk, ok? These Meatballs are huge. You sure you've got the machine under control?

Flint: Dad, don't be silly. Everyone loves the Meatballs.

Tim: Hurry! Get to the shop or those Meatballs are gonna turn you into a pancake! Son, it's time to turn off the FLDSMDFR, or whatever.

Flint: But Dad, it's my greatest invention ever!

Act II: Tourist Trouble[]

After the giant meatballs, I went back to my Lab to shut off the FLDSMFR... but the FLDSMFR Control Unit was gone! With the danger-o-meter in the red, and tourists arriving hourly, I realized I had to control of things myself.

Power Plant Perimeter
PC Tim: Flint! It's dad. They're trying to repair the power plant, son, and I know you can help.

Flint: That's it! Now I can make amends for all this trouble!

Tim: These workers are in quite a predicament, son.

Flint: I'll be right there, Dad. Guacamoley, Rock 'n Roley.

Tim: Hurry son, we're hamburgered in! Flint! Do your thin, son!

Flint: My thing... yes, my thing! Removicating burgers!

Man: See Jonesy? Bigger is definitely NOT better.

Jonesy: Burgers are our friends. I keep saying that.

Man: Lockwood, make mine "to go." Get it? "To go."

Jonesy: I can't work under these conditions, kid!

Man: After today, I'm a vegetarian, I swear.

Man: Bravo, man! Little Lockwood's just like his Dad!

Man: You've empowered the power company, Flint!

Jonesy: Thanks kid!

Tim: You made me proud today, Flint. You're definitely a Lockwood.

Flint: No time to chat, Dad. Still lots to fix around here...

PSP Tim: Flint! We're trying to repair the power plant. Can you help? Flint, the power plant's been cookied in! You're taking responsibility, Flint. I'm proud of you.

Flint: No time to chat, Dad. Still lots more to fix.

Ice Cream Tundra
PC Cal: Hey man, it's Cal! Hey, Flint. My buds are trapped again. They're in an ice cream avalanche!

Flint: Figures. On my way, Cal.

Cal: Hey, it's getting nasty out here!

Flint: Trust me, those kids'll be home in no time!

Flint: Wow, the sky! I'd trade my mustache for a cone... If I had one.

Flint: Are these snowmen getting meaner? Oomph! Why couldn't I make softserve?

Cal: You gonna be able to reach those kids, Flint?

Flint: Yep. Moving into proximity, Cal.

Kid 1: Hurry, my organs are numb!

Kid 2: My brain is numb!

Flint: Not gonna contest that one.

Flint: Now go! And stay away from anything that looks like ice cream!

Cal: You're way cool for doing that, Flint.

Flint: Well, at least there's that.

PSP Cal: Hey man, my buds are trapped in an ice cream avalanche!

Kid 1: Hurry, my organs are numb!

Kid 2: My brain is numb!

Kid 1: I think we're gonna be saved!

Kid 2: You are just so awesome, Flint!

Cal: Thanks, Flint. You're the coolest.

Flint: Things are getting nasty out Cal. Stay inside!

Road to Jelly Castle
PC Sam: Flint, you're there? We've got tourist trouble at the Jelly Castle.

Flint: Don't fret, Sam. I'm on it!

Sam: Flint, hurry. Those bears are becoming unbearable!

Flint: This is not the time for puns, Sam.

Flint: A giant gherkin!

Flint: When good food goes bad... starring Flint Lockwood! A-ha! Improvise! Shoo! Skedaddle, Scatty, Scat, Scat! Yah! Yah! Yah!

Sam: Flint, what's taking so long?

Flint: My food isn't agreeing with me, Sam.

Sam: They're right below you, Flint! Stop those bears!

Woman: Careful, they'll eat your ankles!

Man: Hey, it's a dentist!

Woman: He's a barber, look at his frock!

Flint: It's a lab coat! Now stay back!

Woman: Way to go, kid!

Man: Oooh... Ahh...

Woman: Oooh... Ahhh...

Sam: You're a cut above the rest, Flint! Have you figured out how to stop the machine? My calculations show...

Flint: I know... it's bad. I'll think of something.

PSP Sam: Flint, you're there! We've got tourist trouble at the Jelly Castle. They're right there, Flint! Stop those bears!

Man: Look, it's the dentist!

Flint: It's a LAB COAT, okay?!

Sam: Flint! You've got to turn off the machine!

Flint: I'm heading back to the lab now.

Stadium Exterior
PC Earl: Flint Lockwood? Time to get your trouble-making brain over to the stadium!

Flint: Can't resist an invitation like that.

Earl: Flint Lockwood, you're not here yet?

Flint: I'm closing in on the stadium now.

Earl: Those Ratbirds took off with our team, Flint Lockwood! There's no game if there's no team! See? Batter up!

Flint: Okay! Commencing Ratbird Removal!

Earl: You're wasting time, Flint Lockwood! Load that machine! Go Go Go!

Woman: Hey, the team is flying in now!

Man: We must be just in time!

Earl: That was alright, Flint Lockwood! You might just make good of yourself yet!

PSP Earl: Flint Lockwood! Get your trouble-making brain over to the stadium! Those Ratbirds our team! And there's no game if there's no team! You better remove these Ratbirds, Flint Lockwood!

Flint: I'll load up the canner... they think it's sardines!

Earl: You're lucky that brain of yours can fix more trouble than it causes.

Flint: I hope so, but I don't have the Control Unit to turn off the machine.

Earl: Why don't you use the Mayor's?

Flint: The Mayor has it?!

Cheesewedge Way
PC Mayor: Flint, it's the Mayor. Love what you're doing, but can we fix the gorgonzola?

Flint: Gorgonzola sir?...

Mayor: The cheese, Flint! The CHEESE!

Mayor: Flint! People are leaving! If you get rid of the cheese, I promise to return your control unit!

Flint: So, it was you!

Mayor: I had to keep the gravy train rolling Flint, someone had to bring home the bread!

Flint: Yikes those are big hotdogs!

Woman 1: It's worse than your feet, Fred.

Fred: Reminds me of Paris.

Flint: Oooh! So that's gorgonzola.

Woman 2: It burned off my nose hairs.

Man 1: You should call your barber.

Mayor: Your goronzola, Flint. It's big. And strong. It's killing me.

Flint: It'll be gone in just a second, sir.

Woman 3: Help! Behind the cheese!

Woman 4: We're behind the cheese!

Man 2: We're behind the cheese!

Woman 3: Follow my voice!

Man 2: Or follow the smell!

Woman 4: He's back! Thank heavens!

Man 2: We're boxed in!

Mayor: Mayor here.

Flint: I want my control unit, sir!

Mayor: Of course, Flint! I'll put it in the mail tonight!

PSP Mayor: It's the Mayor. Love what you're doing, but can we nix that Gorgonzola Cheese?

Flint: Now that's some smelly cheese.

Mayor: Get rid of the stinky cheese and I'll return the Control Unit!

Flint: So it was you!

Mayor: I was afraid you'd turn off your machine and then... no more tourists! Only one Cheese left, Flint, then you'll get your Control Unit!

Flint: You're a cheat, sir! And the town needs the Control Unit back!

Mayor: Of course, Flint! I'll put it in the mail tonight!

Act III: FLDSMDFR Goes Bananas![]

The mayor didn't keep his word and I had to get that FLDSMDFR Control Unit back! Then, CRAACK! We had broken it into a thousand pieces. I panicked. Now there was no to communicate with the machine. And the FLDSMDFR was still going bananas!

Cannery Court
PC Tim: Uh, hey son. It's your dad. I'm helping the workers in the Cannery! We're trapped!

Flint: Coming, Dad!

Tim: It's the food, Flint! It's turned for the worse!

Flint: Stay calm, Dad. Think about the good times.

Tim: We're hostages, Flint! We can't move!

Flint: Almost there, dad! Being burgered!

Tim: Flint! The food is trying to uh... get the workers!

Worker 1: But we only canned sardines!

Flint: Time for operation disposalation, Dad! Dodging! Spinning! Thwarting!

Worker 2: Hurry boy! Shield us with your apron!

Flint: It's a lab coat!

Worker 3: Turn 'em to crumbs, Lockwood!

Worker 4: What a move! Is there nothing that can stop this kid?

Tim: Thanks to your valor, son, we can all return to work.

Worker 3: Yay, work!

Worker 4: Yay, work!

Flint: I appreciate your words, Dad, but the weather shows no signs of stopping.

PSP Tim: I was helping the workers in the cannery! I got trapped! Hurry, son. Before the food cans us! Stop that food, Flint! Good going, son.

Flint: I have to go, Dad. I've got to find a way to stop this food weather.

Ice Cream Tundra
PC Cal: Dude, it's Cal! I'm in an Ice Cream tidal wave... and my dad said no sweets!

Flint: Cal, you should've stayed indoors!

Cal: I was indoors! Whoa!

Cal: Hurry man, I'm becoming the flavor of the week!

Flint: Even for today, that's just weird!

Cal: Over here, yo! Save me or somethin'! I think I see heaven... If I don't make it, Flint, bury me in chocolate sprinkles! I'm just a tiny little Cal-cicle, minding my own business... Don't worry, Flint, I don't feel a thing!

Flint: You'd better not make me come back here, Cal!

PSP Cal: Dude, I'm sucked into an ice cream tidal wave... ...and my dad said no sweets! Hurry man. I don't want to become another flavor of ice cream!

Flint: Even for today, that's just weird.

Cal: Hey, over here! Save me or something! Thanks, Flint. Next time, I wanna be eaten by fudge.

Flint: Next time, stay home when it snows!

The Jelly Castle
PC Sam: Flint, it's bad! The Jelly Castle, it's been invaded!

Flint: Get to the top floor, Sam, and wait for me there!

Sam: Ok, I'm on the top floor.

Flint: Hide, Sam! Hide!

Sam: Um, not my style, Flint.

Flint: Foodfight III, and it's all up to me... He eludes the enemy and penetrates the fortress. Toxic gas surrounds him, but Lockwood is undaunted!

Flint: You still have that antique canner in the gallery?

Sam: Yeah, I'll power it up!

Sam: Hurry, Flint, load the canner! Oranges! They're all yours, Flint.

Flint: Perfect, Sam!

Sam: See, orange you glad you came? I know, I know... sorry, not the time for puns...

Sam: The Castle's beautiful again, Flint. Can you stay awhile?

Flint: It's getting worse out there, Sam... I'll come back, I promise.

PSP Sam: Flint! The Jelly Castle is being invaded by Ratbirds! I'm on the top floor, Flint! Flint, I'll find the Canning Machine!

Flint: I'm on my way up, Sam!

Sam: Canning Machine's ready, Flint! Fill it up! Did you figure out how to shut down the machine?

Flint: I've had a few setbacks, but I'll think of something.

The Stadium

Flint: Don't say it. I'm coming back to the stadium.

Earl: Grab that Outtasighter machine of yours! We got TexMex in the infield!

Flint: I'm on it.

Earl: Clear the field, Lockwood! Before the fans arrive!

Man 1: Booooooo...

Man 2: Booooooo...

Flint: Comments to yourself please.

Earl: Flint Lockwood! Tell your burritos there's no barfing in baseball.

Flint: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Man 1: Best baseball burritos I ever had, Mr. Lockwood.

Man 2: Mm, try the marshmallow sauce!

Flint: Uh, I'm not so sure you should eat that.

PSP Earl: Lockwood! Get your lilly-liver back to the stadium before the fans arrive! We got TexMex taking over the infield! Flint Lockwood, we need a break in this weather before it breaks us!

Flint: I'm working on it, Earl.

Sardine Circle
PC Mayor: Flint, it's me. Sardine Circle, it's being plundered!

Flint: I tried to tell you sir! I'm on my way.

Mayor: The town's greatest shopping area - I mean, historic district - it's ruined!

Flint: Now sir, it's not ruined yet. I just gotta get there before that tornado! Stay strong, Lockwood. The town's counting on you!

Flint: If I don't move fast, I'll be a scientific stain on the sidewalk.

Mayor: Incoming! Flint! Incoming!

Flint: The tornado! And it's got baby tornados!

Mayor: Stop it, Flint! Stop the tornado!

Mayor: It's working, Flint! The circle will be saved!

Flint: I know! I'm doing the saving!

Flint: Bad food! Bad, bad, bad!

Mayor: You were right, Flint. This wasn't well planned. We need to end to this before the island is sunk! I hereby place the town in your hands!

PSP Mayor: Flint, help! Sardine Circle is getting sauced by a Spaghetti Twister!

Flint: I gotta reach Sardine Circle before it's destroyed! If I don't move fast, I'll be a scientific stain on the sidewalk.

Mayor: Incoming! Flint! Incoming!

Flint: Holy macaroni! A Spaghetti Twister, and it's spewing Meatballs!

Mayor: You're right, Flint. We must end this before the island is sunk!

Act IV: Mount Foody[]

I used the Outtasighter to pile the food behind the Swallow Falls dam, but the pile soon became a mountain. Sam calculated that things wouldn't for hold very long. And so did lots of other people.

Food Falls Freeway
PC Earl: Lockwood, we gotta get these townspeople OUT!

Flint: I agree!

Earl: Everything's blocked! Any bright ideas?

Flint: I have to open the path then we'll meet by the Tunnel!

Woman: Hey! It's the cook!

Man: Sir, I wanna return the spaghetti!

Earl: Flint Lockwood... the tunnel's a no-go! There's a big nacho!

Flint: I'll handle the crack that chip, sir!

Man: Stunning power!

Woman: Bye-bye chipparoo!

Earl: Fine work, Flint Lockwood! We gotta evacuate this island, fast!

PSP Sam: Flint, it's me! How fast can you get to the freeway? The school buses will be coming through here soon!

Flint: Whoaah! It's ultra hot!

Sam: Flint, those kids are about to become chili!

Cal: Help, dude! We're choked by Chili!

Kid: It's melting my eyebrows! You're about as cool as they come, man.

Flint: I want you kids to get out and go! The dam isn't gonna hold!

Swallow Falls Dam
PC Sam: Flint! How fast can you get to the Swallow Falls dam?

Flint: Pretty fast, I think.

Sam: The school kids will be coming through here in buses, Flint!

Flint: I'll have the road cleared in one... ok maybe two seconds!

Kid 1: Look! A veterinarian!

Kid 2: Mister! We're trapped!

Sam: Flint, you gotta help those kids!

Flint: I gotta clear that chili-- and fast!

Kid 1: Hey, it's the Outtasighter!

Kid 2: Far out!

Kid 1: He's almost got it!

Kid 2: The chili's disappearing!

Kid 1: That thing is awesome!

Kid 2: It's a super slurper!

Kid 1: Keep going!

Kid 2: It's almost clear!

Sam: Flint, did you reach the buses?

Flint: I just found the second one, Sam! I'm Out-a-sighter-ing!

Kid 3: This place is condemned man!

Cal: Help, we're getting overheated!

Flint: Keep moving, everyone. The food dam isn't gonna hold much longer!

PSP Tim: Flint, I'm buried in a foodalanche behind the dam!

Flint: Wow, it's a disaster buffet!

Tim: Son! Up here!

Flint: Hold still! I'm coming to you!

Tim: Thanks, son. Uh, is there anything I can do to help?

Flint: First, we need to get Sam and get off this island!

Mount Foody
PC Brent: Hey nerd, it's me Brent! Yeah, that Brent. Listen, I need a hand at that mountain of yours!

Flint: I'll do what I can, Brent, but we're almost out of time!

Brent: Just behind the dam!

Flint: Stay very still, Brent! It's a disaster buffet! Gotta act fast!

Brent: Kill anything that moves, Flint! Except the chicken! Yes! Facebuster!

Flint: You're dressed like a chicken!

Brent: I was trying to infiltrate the enemy! Clams at 10:00! You got 'em , nerdness! Try a Legdrop! No, a Chokeslam!

Brent: Listen, Flint, I'm yours now. Whatever you need, this bird's got your back!

Flint: Uh, Thanks, Brent... but we gotta go, like RIGHT NOW!

Act V: A New Plan[]

Well, the mountain of food swallowed the island whole... and I got seriously down on myself. My dad was nice enough to remind me not all of my inventions were disasters... and that's when I had my most brilliant idea ever... Flying Car II!

The Cannery
PC Sam: Flint, I'm gonna help you power up that Flying Car of yours.

Flint: I'll need carbs, Sam! Carbs for energy, in huge amounts!

Sam: The cannery. Check the cannery, Flint.

Flint: Sam said the cannery! But what am I supposed to find here?

Flint: Take that, bears! Hoo! Ha-hah!

Flint: Of course! I have to power up the Flying Car II: Orange, muffin... and we need a bear! PURE CARBS!

Sam: Flint! I spoke to Chicken Brent... When you're ready to go, we're coming with you!

Flint: Car's almost ready, Sam!

PSP Sam: Flint, your Dad and I are going to meet you at your car! Flint, can you get rid of the bears?

Flint: Bear problem solved!

Swallow Falls Dock
PC Sam: Flint, I found a Doppler! It'll help us navigate to the FLDSMDFR up in the clouds!

Flint: Bring it to the lab, Sam!

Sam: I'm trying... but I've got a slight problem!

Flint: Where's your car, Sam?

Sam: Under a giant marshmallow!

Flint: Lockwood defends his toast boat from organic pirates! Ah! Big floaty toast!

Sam: Flint. Are you there? I'm about to be pounded into a meatloaf.

Flint: Oh dear. Hold on, Sam!

Sam: Uh, these things have gotta go, Flint!

Flint: Commencing threat neutralization, Sam!

Sam: Watch it, Flint! They're surrounding you Flint! Watch the bears! To your left! Your other left!

Flint: Now we can locate the FLDSMDFR from Flying Car II!

Sam: You're indefatigable, Flint Lockwood.

Flint: I am?

Act VI: The Meat-a-Roid[]

With Sam and Brent's help, we took off in the Flying Car II, past the clouds, up to the wayward FLDSMFR. It had cranked so long and so high up, it had formed a giant meat-a-roid. Objective: Get onto that meat-a-roid! Penetrate crunchy exterior, tunnel into chewy center, and destroy the FLDSMDFR once and for all!

Meat-a-Roid Crust/Cave
PC Flint: Stay with the car, you two. I'm gonna find the FLDSMDFR.

Sam: I'll sync your coordinates with the Doppler, Flint, and guide you in.

Flint: Thanks, Sam.

Sam: You seem to be heading right for it, Flint. Are you in trouble, Flint?

Flint: Just stopping for a snack. Resuming mission, Sam.

Flint: This is one creepy meat-a-roid...

Sam: Flint! The Doppler says you're right above the FLDSMDFR! Can you see it?

Flint: Not yet. I'm going down.

PSP Flint: Stay here, you two. I'm gonna find the FLDSMDFR.

Sam: I'll read your coordinates and guide you with the Doppler! Looks like you're right on course, Flint.

Flint: This is one creepy meat-a-roid...

Sam: Did you find the FLDSMDFR, Flint?

Flint: Not yet... I'm going in...

Meat-a-Roid Subterrain/Shaft
PC Flint: Testing... Can you still hear me, Sam?

Sam: It's a little fuzzy.

Flint: ...and gooey.

Sam: You should be there by now! Are you there yet?

Flint: There's a cave or something up ahead.

Sam: I'm getting worried, Flint! How are you going to stop it?

Flint: I'll figure it out, Sam! Trust me!

PSP Sam: Can you still hear me?

Flint: It's a little fuzzy, Sam...

Sam: I'm worried, Flint...

Tim: A captain needs a crew, son. We're coming to help.

Meat-a-Roid Mantle
PC Flint: Can you hear me now?

Sam: What's that noise, Flint! What's going on?

Flint: Uh, It's just my stomach... my snack wore off...

Sam: We're done waiting, Flint! We're coming after you!

Flint: I'm close, Sam! Just gimme another minute!

Sam: No! We came to help and that's what we're gonna do!

Flint: You'll never make it! I'm going ahead!


Brent: Way to be sassy, Sci Guy! Upsucker Plus on deck, Flint! Bravo, Nerdo!

Sam: Innovate, Flint! Innovate!

Flint: I must reach that FLDSMDFR! Time to meet your maker!

Flint: Must... Be... Destroyed!

Flint: Deathblow! Nope.

Flint: FINITO!

Sam: Spray-On-Shoes, armed for shelackifying!

Sam: Pulverize it!

Brent: Yeah, what she said! Give it the shoe glue, nerd!

Sam: Flint! Use your Spray!

Flint: Gotchya!

PSP Sam: Here's your other gadgets, Flint. Good luck.

Flint: I must reach the FLDSMDFR! Must... Destroy! Time to meet your maker! Deathblow! Nope. FINITO!

Act VII: The Ultimate Weapon[]

Jumping into the Flying Car II, Sam, Brent, and I made a heroic escape from the meat-a-roid. And the FLDSMDFR stopped spreading its monstrous meals on the island below. And the next day, for the first time since this nightmare began... all was calm...

Upon entering the lab, I noticed something disturbing... the dange-o-meter was still in the red. I grabbed the blueprints for the FLDSMDFR and it was soon very clear: the auxiliary back-ups had taken over and the machine was cooking up another batch of disaster! It would take more than my Spray-on Shoes to seal the mouth of the beast. There was only one hope left, find all the missing parts of my original blueprint and revive my most ambitious invention ever: The Super Spray-on Shoes.

Flint: Now that I have my new super-powerful Spray-On Shoes I'll finally be able to destroy you!

Well, the FLDSMDFR was finally destroyed, leaving a glorious nimbus (that's Sam's word) high above the world. And except for the occasional Ratbird, the people of Swallow Falls were happy once again. Oh, about Sam and I... If you get out your telescopic see-farrer, you might just catch a glimpse of us some night, sharing from view from above, and eating a very large ice cream.