Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki

Act I: When Good Food Goes Bad[]

It was a dark time for Swallow Falls. Nobody came, nobody went, and nobody cared. I created the FLDSMDFR, or Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator, and food began to rain from the sky. For a time, it seemed like a great idea. Everyone was amazed and the island became famous. But then, things began to go bad...

Level Inventions Hydronic Foodpods Enemies and Hazards
1-2: Ice Cream Tundra
Cal's friends are trapped by burning hot chili in the middle of an ice cream blizzard.

Clean up 90% of the chili on the ground.

Hot Enougher, Outtasighter Ice Cream Scoops Ice Cream Snowmen, chili, ice pops,Marshmallows (PSP/NDS)
1-3: Italian Street Fair
The Ratbirds are flying away with tourists.

Flint must satiate the Ratbirds' appetites by filling a sardine canner with 6 slabs of butter.

Forkamajigger Ravioli Broccoli (PSP/NDS), water
1-4: Road to Jelly Castle
The path to the Jelly Castle is blocked by giant broccoli.

Flint must slice 8 broccoli throughout the level.

Chopper-er Strawberries Gummy bears, cliffs
1-5: Restaurant Row
The Roofless restaurant is invaded by gummy bears.

Flint must eliminate 6 gummy bears, which come in 2 waves of 3.

Upsucker Plus Sugar Cubes Gummy Bears, falling steak, water
1-1: Bait Shop Boulevard (unlocked after completing all other levels in Act I)
Flint must reach Tim Lockwood at the bait shop.
Bigacious Pow Cheesy Puffs Tortilla chips, chili, Gummy Bears, giant meatballs, meatball rain

Act II: Tourist Trouble[]

After the giant meatballs, I went back to my Lab to shut off the FLDSMFR... but the FLDSMFR Control Unit was gone! With the danger-o-meter in the red, and tourists arriving hourly, I realized I had to control of things myself.

Level Inventions Hydronic Foodpods Enemies and Hazards
2-1: Power Plant Perimeter
Flint wants to make amends by helping workers at the Power Plant clean up large burgers (or, in the PSP version, break biscuits).
Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, Outtasighter Cheesy Puffs Tortilla chips, billboards, burritos, falling steak, chili, Gummy Bears, water, Onions (PSP/NDS)
2-2: Ice Cream Tundra
Cal's friends are trapped again! Flint must reach their location.
Hot Enougher, Bigacious Pow Ice Cream Scoops Ice Cream Snowmen, chili, Marshmallows, ice cream rain, ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, ice cream cones (PSP/NDS)
2-4: Road to Jelly Castle
Tourists are being attacked by gummy bears.

Flint must defeat 13 enemies.

Chopper-er, Forkamajigger Strawberries Gummy bears, Broccoli, cliffs, Pomegranates, bubble gum (PSP/NDS)
2-5: Stadium Exterior
Hungry Ratbirds have flown off with the baseball team.

Flint must satiate them by pushing egg muffins into the canner.

Upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow Sugar Cubes Gummy Bears, Cream Puffs, cookies, Scallops (PSP/NDS)
2-3: Cheesewedge Way (unlocked after completing all other levels in Act II)
The mayor promises to return the FLDSMDFR control unit if Flint removes 9 stinky Gorgonzola cheese.
Forkamajigger, Hot Enougher Ravioli Chili, giant hot dogs, gorgonzola, Spaghetti Twisters, meatball rain

Act III: FLDSMDFR Goes Bananas![]

The mayor didn't keep his word and I had to get that FLDSMDFR Control Unit back! Then, CRAACK! We had broken it into a thousand pieces. I panicked. Now there was no to communicate with the machine. And the FLDSMDFR was still going bananas!

Level Inventions Hydronic Foodpods Enemies and Hazards
3-1: Cannery Court
Tim Lockwood and the cannery workers are trapped, held hostage by vicioius food enemies.
Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, Chopper-er Cheesy Puffs Tortilla chips, Pomegranates, cliffs, water, chili, Gummy Bears, carrots
3-2: Ice Cream Tundra
Cal himself is trapped, and Flint must reach him.
Hot Enougher, Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus Ice Cream Scoops Ice Cream Snowmen, chili, Marshmallows, ice cream rain, ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, Roast Chickens
3-4: Road to Jelly Castle
The Jelly Castle has been invaded by Ratbirds. Flint must satiate them with oranges.
Chopper-er, Forkamajigger, Bigacious Pow Strawberries Gummy bears, Broccoli, Onions, Spaghetti Twisters, chili
3-5: The Stadium
Flint must clean up the chili at the stadium at Earl's request.
Upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow, Hot Enougher, Outtasighter Sugar Cubes Gummy Bears, Cream Puffs, cookies, chili
3-3: Sardine Circle (unlocked after completing all other levels in Act III)
Flint must reach Sardine Circle.

When he arrives, a massive Spaghetti Twister spits out multiple waves of enemies.

Forkamajigger, Hot Enougher, Chopper-er Ravioli Chili, giant meatballs, gorgonzola, Spaghetti Twisters, Gummy Bears, Ice Cream Snowmen, Onions

Act IV: Mount Foody[]

I used the Outtasighter to pile the food behind the Swallow Falls dam, but the pile soon became a mountain. Sam calculated that things wouldn't for hold very long. And so did lots of other people.

Level Inventions Hydronic Foodpods Enemies and Hazards
4-1: Food Falls Freeway
The exit to the freeway is blocked, and Flint must reach it to guide people to safety.
Bigacious Pow, Forkamajigger, Chopper-er Cheesy Puffs, Strawberries Tortilla chips, Pomegranates, cliffs, Roast Chickens, giant hot dogs, chili, Gummy Bears, carrots, Ice Cream Snowmen
4-2: Swallow Falls Dam
Cal and the schoolchildren in their school buses. Flint must clear the chili to help them escape!
Hot Enougher, Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, Outtasighter Ice Cream Scoops, Sugar Cubes Ice Cream Snowmen, chili, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, Roast Chickens, Ice Cream Snowmen
4-3: Mount Foody
Brent is surrounded by 8 various food enemies behind the dam at Mount Foody.
Forkamajigger, Hot Enougher, Chopper-er Ravioli, Ice Cream Scoops Chili, giant meatballs, Spaghetti Twisters, Scallops, Onions

Act V: A New Plan[]

Well, the mountain of food swallowed the island whole... and I got seriously down on myself. My dad was nice enough to remind me not all of my inventions were disasters... and that's when I had my most brilliant idea ever... Flying Car II!

Level Inventions Hydronic Foodpods Enemies and Hazards
5-1: The Cannery
Sam and Flint power up the Flying Car II with an orange, an egg muffin, and a gummy bear.
Bigacious Pow, Forkamajigger, Upsucker Plus Cheesy Puffs, Sugar Cubes, Ravioli Tortilla chips, cliffs, Roast Chickens, chili, Gummy Bears, Ice Cream Snowmen
5-2: Swallow Falls Dock
Sam decides to use the Doppler to help Flint navigate the clouds, but she is trapped by multiple food enemies.
Forkamajigger, Bigacious Pow, Hot Enougher Ice Cream Scoops, Cheesy Puffs, Ravioli Ice Cream Snowmen, chili, cookies, water, ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, Gummy Bears, Scallops, Ice Cream Snowmen, Marshmallows, Spaghetti Twisters

Act VI: The Meat-a-Roid[]

With Sam and Brent's help, we took off in the Flying Car II, past the clouds, up to the wayward FLDSMFR. It had cranked so long and so high up, it had formed a giant meat-a-roid. Objective: Get onto that meat-a-roid! Penetrate crunchy exterior, tunnel into chewy center, and destroy the FLDSMDFR once and for all!

Level Inventions Enemies and Hazards
Meat-a-Roid Crust
Flint tells the others to stay with the Flying Car as he navigates the food-laden labrynth.
Hot Enougher, Forkamajigger, Chopper-er Pomegranates, cliffs, meatball rain, giant meatballs
Meat-a-Roid Subterrain
The level begins at the bottom of the peanut brittle hole from the film. Flint must continue onwards...
Forkamajigger, Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus Cliffs, chili, Pomegranates, alphabet soup, Gummy Bears, tortilla chips, Spaghetti Twisters, giant hot dogs
Meat-a-Roid Mantle
Flint's phone loses connection, crackling and breaking up when Sam calls. He dives into a hole at the end of the level, descending into the depths.
Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, Chopper-er Giant broccoli, Gummy Bears, chili, giant meatballs, pea soup, ice cream sandwiches



The FLDSMDFR dangles above a bottomless pit, held aloft by a gelatinous sac. Sam and Brent stand on opposite sides of the level, offering Flint a set of three of his inventions. Flint can swap between these weapons at any time, allowing him to strategize against the enemy food creatures guarding the path to the FLDSMDFR. The FLDSMDFR must be reached and attacked four times: the first three times, drops of honey, oil, chili, and guacamole guide Flint along preset paths to reach the FLDSMDFR.

The fourth time, either Sam or Brent will give Flint Spray-on Shoes. Spraying the FLDSMDFR will trigger a cutscene of it going berserk and falling into the pit below.

In the NDS/PSP version of the game, Tim accompanies Sam and Flint instead of Brent. This is also the final level of the NDS/PSP version, and the FLDSMDFR is destroyed once and for all after beating the level. In the NDS/PSP version, Flint also does not defeat the FLDSMDFR with Spray-On Shoes.

Act VII: The Ultimate Weapon[]

Flint Backyard

Flint in his backyard at the beginning of Act VII

Jumping into the Flying Car II, Sam, Brent, and I made a heroic escape from the meat-a-roid. And the FLDSMDFR stopped spreading its monstrous meals on the island below. And the next day, for the first time since this nightmare began... all was calm...

The credits roll, and at the end, Flint is standing in his backyard next to his (fully intact) lab. Sam, Cal, and Tim all congratulate and thank Flint before the door to the lab opens and Flint can go inside.

Upon entering the lab, I noticed something disturbing... the dange-o-meter was still in the red. I grabbed the blueprints for the FLDSMDFR and it was soon very clear: the auxiliary back-ups had taken over and the machine was cooking up another batch of disaster! It would take more than my Spray-on Shoes to seal the mouth of the beast. There was only one hope left, find all the missing parts of my original blueprint and revive my most ambitious invention ever: The Super Spray-on Shoes.

Super Spray On Shoes Blueprint

The blueprint for Super Spray-on Shoes

Players can revisit past levels and destroy any Hydronic Foodpods they may have missed (or were unable to obtain because their inventions were not fully upgraded). Upon obtaining all the blueprints, the Unlockables menu reveals a model of the Super Spray-on Shoes. Flint returns to the core to fight the FLDSMDFR once again.

This time, Sam and Brent are not present and Flint is equipped with the Super Spray-on Shoes, which obliterates any enemies that get caught in its spray. Flint clears a path to the FLDSMDFR, and this time, when hitting it, the FLDSMDFR goes berserk, a cutscene shows Flint's shocked face, and the meat-a-roid starts to crumble.

Flint must navigate back out through the mantle, subterrain, and crust, retracing the steps taken to get there in Act VI. However, the player must move quickly: chili falls to cover the path and Flint must stay ahead of it to survive. Flint is equipped with the Super Spray-on Shoes until he reaches the crust, where he gets the Forkamajigger to help him rappel up spaghetti ropes to scale the steep cliffs of cheese.

Well, the FLDSMDFR was finally destroyed, leaving a glorious nimbus (that's Sam's word) high above the world. And except for the occasional Ratbird, the people of Swallow Falls were happy once again. Oh, about Sam and I... If you get out your telescopic see-farrer, you might just catch a glimpse of us some night, sharing from view from above, and eating a very large ice cream.

The End