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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a video game tie-in based on the film of the same name which is also based upon the 1978 children's book of the same name. The game allows the player to control Flint Lockwood, the film's hero, as he must save his town and the world from the rain of food, fighting highly mutated food enemies and using his gadgets to help him on the way.


  • Eric Artell as Flint Lockwood
  • Anndi McAfee as Sam Sparks
  • Fred Tatasciore as Tim Lockwood
  • Khary Payton as Earl Devereaux
  • Phil LaMarr as Cal Devereaux
  • Josh Keaton as Baby Brent
  • Jim Connor as The Mayor
  • Georgina Cordova as Steve the Monkey


Hazard water

Flint cannot swim

Players control inventor Flint Lockwood using six different weapons to traverse food-covered landscapes and defeat sentient food creature enemies to complete missions. Many hazards exist within each level, from vicious food creatures to environmental hazards such as water (Flint cannot swim and will instantly drown) to burning chili. However, losing all health is only a minor setback, as Flint respawns in a similar location to where he died, and the player loses no progress on Hydronic Foodpods or level objectives, and the player does not lose any collected Hydrons. After dying, enemies and blockades such as ice pops or chips are respawned.

The PSP and Nintendo DS version of the game has much more confined and boxlike environments than the PC version. The platforming is much more limited as well, only allowing the player to jump across certain platforms. This version of the game is also anatopic at times, with ice cream snowballs appearing in Restaurant Row, and also introduces enemies in a different order than in the PC version.


The player must use six different weapons to complete each level. The inventions equipped are predetermined for each level, and the player can only switch between the inventions provided. These are:

Hydrons and Hydronic Foodpods

Healing hydron

A red hydron, which restores Flint's health

From the PC game's manual:

Hydrons are water molecules in an excited state, produced by the F.L.D.S.M.D.F.R. when it turns water into giant food. Their energy can be used to upgrade your gadgets. Hydronic Foodpods have the highest concentration of Hydrons, so collect as many as you can find!

By breaking all Hydronic Foodpods, it’s rumoured that Flint can then harness the energy required to successfully build his secret ultimate invention! Now, if only anyone knew what this ultimate invention could possibly be used for…

In addition to the blue Hydrons that drop when destroying Hydronic Foodpods, there are also red Hydrons (or green for the PSP version) scattered across the levels. These Hydrons restore a bit of Flint or Steve's health.

In the PSP version of the game, Hydrons are scattered across the level and Flint must walk over them to collect them. They can also be collected by defeating enemies and destroying Hydronic Foodpods. Unlike the PC/Xbox versions, every Hydronic Foodpod displays a bar showing how much damage it takes from each hit from Flint's inventions.


In the PSP version of the game, collecting 3 keys hidden in each level unlocks concept artwork.


For an overview of the plot and the specifics of each level in the PC game, see Plot

For a full transcript of all subtitled dialogue in both the PC and PSP versions of the game, see Transcript


Song Title Level Audio
Bait Shop Boulevard 1-1
Good and Creamy 1-2
Italian Street Fair 1-3
Road to Jelly Castle 1-4
Restaurant Row 1-5
Power Plant Perimeter 2-1
Ice Cream Tundra 2-2
Cheesewedge Way 2-3
Road to Jelly Castle 2 2-4
Outside the Stadium 2-5
Cannery Court 3-1
Operation Rescue! 3-1
Sardine Circle 3-3
Survive the Tornado! 3-3
The Jelly Castle 3-4
The Stadium 3-5
Food Falls Freeway 4-1
Swallow Falls Dock 5-2
Meataroid Crust 6-1
Meataroid Subterrain 6-2
Meataroid Mantle 6-3
FLDSMDFR Part 1 7-1
FLDSMDFR Part 2 7-1
Escape the Meteorite 7-1


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs had several achievements that could be unlocked on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Icon Title Description Value
XBoxAchievement 01
Platinum Trophy Unlock all the trophies.
XBoxAchievement 26
Food'onaut Complete 1st mission.
XBoxAchievement 02
Max Food'onaut Complete 1st Act.
XBoxAchievement 03
Rockin Roller Clear Bridge for OOS.
XBoxAchievement 04
Licked it 1st time kill an enemy.
XBoxAchievement 05
Party of Two Play coop mission.
XBoxAchievement 06
Foodnik 1st time get an upgrade.
XBoxAchievement 07
Castle Master 1st time play in the jelly mold.
XBoxAchievement 08
Buck this BBQ Going to the FLDSMDFR.
XBoxAchievement 09
Hungryman 1st time get the Blueprint Piece.
XBoxAchievement 10
Pasta Power 30 times using the spaghetti rope.
XBoxAchievement 11
Bread Head 30 times using the bread to climb.
XBoxAchievement 12
Slurpdaddy Pumped 50 drops.
XBoxAchievement 13
Yummer Get 20 life points.
XBoxAchievement 14
Grub Drubber Clear 5 levels with full HP at the end.
XBoxAchievement 15
Chick Nixxer Make 10 roasted chickens fall on ground.
XBoxAchievement 16
Bear Buster Kill 25 gummies by heating.
XBoxAchievement 17
Sugar Slayer Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.
XBoxAchievement 18
Mr. Twister Kill 10 spaghetti tornado by using pick.
XBoxAchievement 19
Tour de Fork! Finish the game walkthrough.
XBoxAchievement 20
Ultra Foodnik Get all upgrades.
XBoxAchievement 21
Ultra Food'onaut Finish Game with Final Ending.
XBoxAchievement 22
Dishin' Out! Destroy all the Hyrdonic Foodpods in the game.
XBoxAchievement 23
Unmunchable Kill 500 foods (NPC+DOOR+HYDRONIC FOODPOD) in the game.
XBoxAchievement 24
HYDRONIC FOODPOD 1st time get the Hydronic Foodpods.
XBoxAchievement 25
Chow Hound 100 Hydronic Foodpods destroyed.


  • The Power Plant Perimeter level was available to play as a demo downloaded from Ubisoft's website for the game. The gameplay in the full game is exactly the same as in the demo (although the demo had a few tutorial screens that were not necessary in the final version of the level).
  • There is a secret location in 1-5 which is reached by jumping at a specific angle towards the window where the mayor can be seen. Standing in certain areas in this location will turn Flint invisible and, while invisible, if the Upsucker Plus is used, it will spin. Honey will also stick to the ground in this location.
  • Sam calls Flint "indefatigable," which means "showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality."[1]
  • The world record Any% speedrun of the PC version of the game is currently 01:06:43. The current world record 100% speedrun is 02:23:26. Both records are currently held by Russian speedrunner Raytem.


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